The Catholic Pittsburgh Steelers Owner Pushes Obamacare

I can't stand the Pittsburgh Steelers. I really can't. But that's not the point here. The owner of the team is a Catholic by the name of Dan Rooney. (I'm sorry but everytime I think of the name "Rooney" I hear Cameron from Ferris Bueller's Day Off saying that name into the phone.) But he's not just a Catholic in name only kind. I've read in a few places that he's a daily communicant and a pretty prominent Catholic in Pittsburgh.

Anyway, it seems that Rooney is a big Obamacare supporter and even held a promotional event for Obamacare at Heinz Field recently.

Paul Kengor seems kinda' ticked off about it. He wrote a piece in the Trib saying:
It's so egregious that the Pittsburgh Diocese, led by Bishop David Zubik, joined 42 other Catholic plaintiffs in filing 12 federal lawsuits against the Obama administration. As Zubik memorably framed the mandate, the Obama administration has told Pittsburgh Catholics and Catholics nationwide “to hell with you.”

That gets to why Rooney's actions are such a big deal. He's a lifelong Roman Catholic and he's pushing ObamaCare in the same diocese that filed a lawsuit. It's hard not to view this as a slap at his bishop.
Hey look, I was for excommunicating him just for owning the Steelers so you can imagine where I am now.

It's definitely a slap in the face of the bishops and guys like Rooney provide plenty of cover for other Catholics. Confusion reigns as long as nothing is done about the likes of Nancy Pelosi. Silence in this case isn't pastoral. It makes the world a worse place, it confuses people about the faith, and puts souls in jeopardy.

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  1. Rooney threw his support behind Obama during his first campaign and was rewarded with an ambassadorship to Ireland. This latest antic has not only upset Catholics but anyone who thinks that politics has no business in football. The community sign-up for Obamacare was at Heinz Field, which was built with tax dollars. I'm a long time Steelers fan and my family has had season tickets since 1974. I'm proud to say this is the first year that I WILL NOT attend a game. Until Rooney removes his lips from Obama's posterior, I'm done with the Steelers.

  2. He is clearly not a true Catholic as he does not assent to the Deposit of Faith.

  3. OK - I'm a big Steeler fan and always have been - grew up in PA.
    I gotta tell you this is no surprise. Most folks there are union and the atmosphere is union and the Rooneys are Democrat because that’s where the power is. Its ALWAYS been that way. Period.
    Most people don't believe in the issues Obama stands for (they are pro-gun, pro-military, in favor of private property, believe in traditional marriage, etc. etc.), but they *always* vote Democrat because the union has told them their whole lives that they must or something TERRIBLE will happen! They don't even consider a moral position on issues - they just pull the lever thinking it will save high-paying, blue-collar jobs. Those who have lost their jobs or are retired will still vote for ANYTHING that they are told will cover their medical bills. Evan as a teenager, over 30 years ago, I remember folks gushing over Ted Kennedy . They don’t get it and they don’t care and as long as Pittsburgh feels that way – so will the Rooneys.

  4. Let's hope that God helps the Lions smite them this week.

  5. Why would anyone, even a Stoic or Epicurean, follow professional sports?

    Football is a good game for boys (if only we could keep the creepy adults away from the boys), but, after all, it is a boys' game.

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  7. You can't stand the Pittsburgh Steelers? Poor misguided man. Speaking of misguided, many in Pittsburgh don't get the Rooney-Obama thing. Not only is he a daily communicant, he does a great deal for the diocese. From my understanding, he's also a registered Republican, like most of his family. I've never known him to get publicly involved in promoting political candidates. There was something about Obama from the beginning which beguiled him. Darn if I know what it is.


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