The Town FEMA Turned Down

This is a fascinating article about a town that FEMA has turned down for Sandy aid because of its religious foundation.

They will not be satisfied until every bit of public religion is wiped from view. It is not enough to be accommodating, you must capitulate. Believe what you want, but do what we tell you.

Ocean Grove, N.J.
When Sandy swept across the Jersey shore in October 2012, the coastal town of Ocean Grove was spared the worst. Sure, half the town’s boardwalk was destroyed and its pier was swept out to sea. And yes, sand, trees, and concrete benches were carried two blocks inland, while entire buildings were picked up and moved across town. But Ocean Grove’s crown jewel, an ornate and beautiful 6,250-seat auditorium, built in 1894, survived. It only had a third of its roof torn off. The auditorium’s foundation was intact and, most important, its 11,561-pipe organ was unscathed by the wind and rain.

So despite everything, the residents of Ocean Grove counted themselves lucky. That is, until they had to deal with the federal government. Ocean Grove has been denied rebuilding funds from FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency. In one sense, this denial is part of the Obama administration’s quiet campaign against religion in the public square. Yet the story of FEMA’s conflict with Ocean Grove is about more than just Barack Obama. It’s the story of modern America’s rebellion against its religious foundations, rendered in miniature.

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  1. The tax payers' money belongs to the taxpayers even as the taxes are administered by the administration. Taxes belong to the citizens. FEMA belongs to the citizens. Down with tyrants.

  2. To disenfranchise a person who is a citizen, a taxpayer, because of his choice of religious beliefs and affiliations is criminal. For The Federal Emergency Management Agency or FEMA to disenfranchise Ocean Grove, New Jersey, a community that practices virtue, no drinking, no pornography, no vice, because the people, taxpayers, citizens, choose to live in this manner is obviously discrimination ---DIS – CRIME-INATION.
    Libeling and slandering a peaceable, peace loving people practicing their First Amendment Freedom of Peaceable Assembly, because they choose to live peaceably and in peace, which is different from pornography, prostitution, and vice… very different. In fact, it is the very same reason that gives people of homosexual practice the choice of lifestyle, the freedom to live the way they live.
    For a government agency, like FEMA to practice discrimination against innocent, taxpaying citizens, a virtuous people, because of their innocent lifestyle, violates Ocean Grove community ‘s First Amendment civil right to peaceable assembly.
    FEMA sets a precedent across the globe, in every nation in the world, that, to give aid and comfort to victims of disasters such as hurricane Sandy, to good persons because of their innocent lifestyle, citizenship may be disengaged and citizens may be disenfranchised at the whim of the party in power. Other nations may take note that any help may be denied to them if they practice peace and virtue and believe in God.
    This is a monstrous miscarriage of Justice. Evil will not prevail in the light of TRUTH.


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