Amazing Vid. Airline Finds Out What Passengers Want for Christmas, They Deliver

WestJet Finds Out What Passengers Want For Christmas, Leaves Presents At Baggage Claim. I know it's a commercial. I know it's not what Christmas is all really about. It's still pretty cool.



  1. All sorts of awesome. Random thoughts:
    I wonder if anyone said: "Your airline to run on time?
    Is this why flights are so expensive?
    Canadians have more fun.
    Was that YYZ, the airport code for Toronto & morse code inspiration for Rush instrumental at the end?
    A bit creeped out that they knew everyone but probably just the itinerary info.

  2. The best part? "Merry Christmas!" Not "Happy Holidays." And I bet that not a single recipient objected.

  3. Bah humbug. The paganized, commercial version. Where was Christ?

    How about a version where a poor Joseph and a very pregnant Mary show up at the gate and the Airline asks if anyone will give up their seats in coach?

    If someone does, the Airline could "miraculously" have a couple of first class seats open up where there are 3 wisemen on pilgrimage. You fill-in the destination scenario.

    If no one does, the wisemen at the destination start asking passengers if Mary and Joseph made the flight.

    Opportunity for reminding people of the first Christmas.
    Just sayin'

  4. I loved it! I too noticed "Merry Christmas" ! They did not shy away from a politically correct charged atmosphere, especially bad here in Canada. Good Job West !


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