Awful. MSNBC Makes Fun of Mitt Romney's Black Grandchild

If MSNBC ever attempted to be this despicable again, they'd have a difficult time. Watch as a bunch of liberals chortle and mock Mitt Romney's black grandson. Sickening. And racist.

The sad thing here is that these shows don't just spring these things on their panelists. They email them beforehand so they can come up with some real zingers. And none of them thought for a second that it was completely inappropriate to mock a baby. Oh wait, they'd probably say they were mocking Mitt Romney who's a racist. You know, the kind of racist that has raises kids to adopt black children. Yeah, that kind.

Update: Some good news. MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry has apologized "without reservation or qualification."

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  1. As a Father of an adoptive son who is of African American heritage, I'm appalled!

  2. This is sickening, but hardly a-typical of the mindset. Its at least the third time (by my count) that some news outlet has allowed its pundits to make fun of the Romney's latest grand-child for no other reason than ethnicity. I'd love to see Al Sharpton calling this out as the racism that it truly is.

  3. Maybe msnbc ascribes to the nation only blacks should adopt blacks and white adopt whites. Perhaps we could test for gay babies to ensure only gay babies are adopt by gay couples and heterosexual babies adopted by hetero couples. Maybe we could even pre assign Other qualities to ensure the baby is in an environment just like the parents. Then we can decry anyone who is not open to this diversity as prejudice. Because being open to diversity means having these biases, but the right bias...oh my god is this confusing. I don't see how democrats do this. Perhaps schizophrenia helps.

  4. I took one look at Melissa's face and thought, does she realize that this is like the pot calling the kettle black. She's black herself. Why would she do such a thing?


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