Ducks: A&E Targeting Our Beliefs

By way of confirmation of my well received piece at the Register alleging that A&E has never been happy with the tone of the show despite its success, comes this article.
Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson and his family believe they have been ‘hung out to dry’ by TV network A&E after he was suspended for homophobic (sic) comments made in a magazine interview, MailOnline can reveal.

Sources within the close-knit Louisiana clan say they are convinced A&E are manipulating the controversial situation to bring them – and particularly Robertson – back into line after Television executives grew tired of the family pushing their deeply-held, Christian beliefs.

They also think the network could have done something to stop the controversial GQ article being made public, because an A&E representative was present during the interview with patriarch, Roberston, 67.
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Of course.  They wanted us to laugh at them, not love them.  Why would they mess with their cash cow if the formula works? Because they despise our beliefs that much.

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  1. Too many pronouns -- who despises whose beliefs?

  2. A toug battle for a&e. Mammon versus satan, if such is possible. Their hatred for Christianity versus their devotion to money. Either way, we lose and satan wins. But a curious thing seems to have happened. A public kerfuffle that illustrates that Christians are being suppressed. Maybe we have had enough to react and stand up. Some already do. Most I work with do nothing. I wonder if this is a catalyst...or just another notch. Time will tell but we all know this is nothing new. Just watch the Spanish Catholics being spit at and accused of violence by a bunch of pro abortionists who are also throwing bottles and mocking and acting violent. Has it ever been any different?

  3. It always amuses me that the other side always claims people like the Robertsons (and us, for that matter) are always "pushing" our beliefs. The last time I looked, they were the ones pushing their outrageous garbage down the collective throats of the Christian communities of America. Their stuff is unnatural, so it has to be force fed to us. What is natural (normal) doesn't has to be forced on anybody by law, but in a normal decent society, it has to be protected from those who would subvert it.

  4. "but in a normal decent society, it has to be protected from those who would subvert it."
    Our beliefs are protected by the First Amendment. The atheist's opinion are his own and not ours. We need God and the constitution tells the atheist that he may not prohibit the free exercise thereof "..or prohibit the free exercise thereof." If anyone (A&E) tries, they ought to be held accountable in a court of law with a judge who knows how to read the constitution. WE need God.

  5. You also made it into today's Day by Day cartoon!


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