Guess What Middle Schoolers Are Being Taught

This is outrageous. "Educators" in Hawaii say they can't show a state legislator their sex-ed curriculum because it's too confusing and he might misinterpret it. But it's fine for 11 year olds?

Not only does it promote the homosexual lifestyle, it also goes into detail about oral and anal sex. Perfect for 11 year olds, right?

Rep. Bob McDermott (R, Ewa-Iroquois Point) said he heard from concerned parents during the state's debate over marriage equality that middle school students were being taught about same-sex relationships and oral and anal sex as part of the curriculum for a pilot sex education program called Pono Choices.

It is one of seven programs approved by the Department of Education for middle schools to use for sexual health education. It was funded by the federal Office of Adolescent Health and developed by the University of Hawaii at Manoa Center on Disability Studies to help reduce teen pregnancies and prevent sexually transmitted infections.

McDermott said he asked the state Department of Education this week for copies of the curriculum, including teacher lesson plans, student workbooks and handouts, but was denied. He said the University of Hawaii also denied his request for materials.

"It's outrageous that a state legislator ... as an elected official and a father of public school children, cannot get this information," he told reporters at the state Capitol Wednesday.

McDermott said he was invited to instead review the materials with supervision, which he declined.

Holding up an enlarged copy of a student's worksheet provided by a parent, he said he's troubled that students are being asked to define such terms as anal sex and oral sex.

It used to be when someone talked dirty to kids they got a pop in the chops and a quick trip to the hoosegow. Now they get federal funds.



  1. God love you , Matthew Archbold. Indoctrination of children against their parents beliefs is a communist threat. Center for "Disability" is an acknowledgement that what is being taught is abnormal."In loco parentis", only parents get to say what their children are taught. The rest is kidnapping by the state or communist party or whatever gay agenda. The dignity of the human person is never taught. Defacing and destroying the innocence and virginity of our constitutional posterity is un-American. It is innocence and virginity that delivers Justice. Who wants a corrupt Justice? No me. Defund public schools until they respect our children. Demand school vouchers.

  2. So did you vote in your last school board election? Public schools are just that, public, and governed by the public by trustees democratically elected by the public. So did you vote? Failure to vote in a school board election is by default a passive acceptance of evil.

  3. Minor children, a captive audience, can only be exposed to that which their parents allow them to be exposed.
    Remember this is the justification for removing prayer in public school. Now, the ACLU is seing to initiate gay groups in the middle school

  4. It's an abstinence-based sexual health education program

  5. Yeah, voting. Sure, that's the ticket. All you have to do is vote and everything will work out great. That line is getting old. I have been voting in nearly every election since I turned 18 (27 years ago) and the situation is getting worse and worse. Voting is apparently not our savior after all.

  6. @ la bolilla: yeah, me too. sick and tired of all the liberal minded people sitting NEXT TO ME IN THE PEW CANCELLING OUT MY VOTE! and btw....sending your kids to public school is by default a passive acceptance of evil.

  7. @ la bolilla: yeah, me too. sick and tired of all the liberal minded people sitting NEXT TO ME IN THE PEW CANCELLING OUT MY VOTE! and btw....sending your kids to public school is by default a passive acceptance of evil.

  8. Evil beyond belief. Demonic. This is the most grave abuse of children, wounding them spiritually, morally and cognitively, probably, in many cases, permanently. What unspeakable abuse of innocent children - those responsible are destined for hell, they've allied themselves with the devil. Lord, may we protect our children from such terrible treatment. May the poor children get the love, healing and consolation that they need to overcome this crime against them.

  9. I imagine it must be a fine line to retain the right to criticize any church sex abuse while normalizing the sexualization of children. Regardless of the outcome, they are legalizing the adult sex trade and normalizing sex for children. Nambla won?

  10. Can't we sue the public school system and the state when our children lose their virginity, contract STD, or become pregnant when the schools teach this kind of stuff. Isn't that why they throw in a little bit of abstinence to cover their real intent to produce more abortions for Planned Parenthood and make Obama happy? If every decent good citizen signed a petition to have this filth removed from the school, and they refused, then, the school would become liable for any damage that occurs to the children. After all, the public school has custody of children at the parents' consent. Without the parents' informed consent, the school is powerless and usurps the parents' proper and legal place. Kidnapping of minor children against their parents' wishes is still kidnapping. Nambla can never win. Keep sending those petitions, notarized, newspaper columns, better than voting, and start suing. Isn't a lawsuit, a civil rights lawsuit, how prayer was removed from the schools? Removing the Ten Commandments is what got us Columbine et al. Yes, you will get some judge like Vaughn Walker, a practicing homosexual, who decided against Prop. 8, without recusing himself. That judge probably did not know the law. Some judges do not know “…or prohibit the free exercise thereof.” but isn’t it time they learned?


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