Ha! Greenpeace Creates Vid of Santa Cancelling Christmas Due to Global Warming

This may officially be the dumbest thing going on right now. I mean, I'd have to check with what PETA and bioethicist Peter Singer are up right now but I'm pretty sure this takes the cake.

Greenpeace has created a video of some actor dude from Downton Abbey (they couldn't get Al Gore?) dressed as Santa in some dank dungeony looking place threatening to cancel Christmas due to global warming. This, despite record cold temperatures around the globe. The set honestly looks like something out of the Saw movies.

It's awesomely sad in a hilarious way, if you know what I mean. I think it shows how desperate the greenies have become because it's such a blatant attempt to get your email so they can send you fundraising letters.

Check out the vid:



  1. Matt, is that what it is? Fishing for emails? This is truly weird. After living in the tropics for years, Christmas to me was nice weather, the beach, fireworks and green mangos. I assure you Santa can find places that are warm. I could not figure this out!

  2. My feeling was that I didn't want this creepy dude anywhere near a kid of mine...

  3. I don't get why Santa is in a dimly lit basement. Is he hiding from someone? Is his electricity not working? And also, it's about 16°F here in Illinois.

  4. He still looks like Fidel Castro to me.


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