Money Bigger Than Christophobia -This Time

Welcome back Phil.

By now you have hear that A&E caved and Phil is back. WHile the money is clearly an important and probably decisive reason for the reinstatement, I suspect that that the push back on religious liberty certainly helped.
Phil Robertson, the patriarch of A&E's Duck Dynasty clan who was suspended from his hit reality series on Dec. 18 following some incendiary comments about gay people, won't be put on hiatus after all.

The network and the Robertson family announced Friday that Phil will still be part of the series -- and since he didn't miss any filming, his temporary suspension will have no effect on the upcoming fifth season.
*subhead*Money talks.*subhead*


  1. This will give those who defend the correct meaning of marriage a shot in the arm in standing up for our beliefs.

  2. I suggest that this was all a manufactured controversy. Buying and wearing masses of made-in-China junk is not a stand for anything.

  3. No one had to interpret Phil's remarks about homosexuality being a sin. People knew what he meant. Sad, sad commentary when the man who defends Church teaching unambiguously in a casual interview lives in a Louisiana swamp and not in the Vatican. Phil will never be on a Time 'Person of the Year' cover, but I admire him more than that rock star in Rome.

  4. You can talk about A&E being driven by money and Christophobia, but in the end, they put Phil back on, while the FFI is still being pounded mercilessly into oblivion. Lucky for Phil he wasn't a priest in Cardinal Werhl's diocese or he'd be washing a mule in a small village in Uruguay by now.

  5. This is the oddest 'controversy' I've ever heard of. The man said some fairly un-insightful things about sin and proclaimed his own preferences. Now, as I understand it, GLAAD is calling for this man to meet with some homosexuals so he can hear how he hurt them. HOW can anything a random reality tv celebrity says HURT anyone?? It just seems like the height of manufactured controversy to drum up publicity...


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