Nativity Scene Removed from Air Force Base

Just what we want. The men and women with all the weapons to be completely godless. Sounds like a great plan.

The people who are put in harms way need God. And let's face it, we kinda' need them to have God. So this enforced secularization of the military seems like a particularly bad idea.

GOPUSA reports:
Airmen at Shaw Air Force Base in South Carolina were ordered to take down a Nativity scene only hours after they put it up, military officials said.

The Nativity scene was erected in advance of the base's annual Christmas tree lighting ceremony. Airmen said they sent an email to base commanders asking if they could put up a Nativity scene -- and invited servicemen of other faiths to create a display of their own. After receiving no such offers, the airmen went ahead with the scene.

Shortly after it went up, base commanders received a phone call from the Military Religious Freedom Foundation. The group's president, Mikey Weinstein, said he'd received calls from personnel at the base complaining about the Nativity scene, the Sumter, S.C., newspaper the Item reported Tuesday.
And down it came.

*subhead*No Baby Jesus.*subhead*


  1. The worst part is that they TRIED to accommodate others, and they were either too lazy or had an ulterior motive in ignoring the request. Nice.

  2. Ironically the military has nothing to do with freedom. But I admit I am confused that a group whose name says religious freedom would stomp out religious freedom. Is that a typo?

  3. In THE BROTHERS KARAMAZOV the disturbed Smerdyakov, under the influence of the fashionable atheism of Dimitri, says "if there is no god, than anything is permitted."

    Anything except the worship of God.

  4. ... and down it came!!! But they're having a "Christmas tree lighting ceremony" - so what's that all about???

  5. The Nativity scene is being treated as a crime. Only crimes can be abolished under the law. The imposition of atheism by the atheists has no truth in a court of law because atheism denies the human soul. Human beings have human souls and Jesus Christ is the Lord of all men's souls.
    "...or prohibit the free exercise thereof." The military is violating the First Amendment civil rights of every American citizen who pays taxes to constitute our government. The Person of Jesus Christ, an innocent man, has every civil right to be in His own Nativity scene produced by His own followers in the public square. That the military would spend its resources fighting it own people is disturbing.

  6. The soul of Christ is defined out of existence by the atheists and every citizen's freedom to believe is abridged. Flash mob please

  7. Religion is the necessary response of man to God's Revelation. It is not a private but a public phenomenon and cannot be removed from the public square.

  8. The U. S. Constitution guarantees religious freedom. The U. S.military takes religious freedom away. Welcome to the military state, the atheistic gulag. May Obama get as Obama gives. Fair is fair.


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