Person Of The Year

I wonder if the Pope has to call Miley Cyrus and Snowden to congratulate them on a great performances this year and how it is an honor just to have been in the same category as them?



  1. As we well know, reporters are not required to know what they are talking/writing about in order to be published.

  2. Life high the Red Banner, comrades! Comrade Frances has freed us from the fell clutches of that chauvinistic meanie Pope Benedict, who ripped the wings off fairies, cackled as he drove his global-warming SUV over children and puppies, and stole all the rainbows from the children of the world! Now we are free to vote on what reality is according to the fashions of the day, just like secularists! Che Guevera for sainthood!

  3. I am sorry but I honestly thought that BOTH Benedict and Francis should have been persons of the Year but I suppose that now with the ongoing details about the FFI and the way they and their former leader are getting treated with his permission I would rather see Snowden. Francis does not deserve it. BTW his popular approval in polls show its mostly from Democrats Liberals college grads and those under Thirty. Schism is coming soon.

  4. Katalina,

    Oh come on. Your generation is full of heretics. We have our share, but ill bet the average 30 year old priest is more orthodox than the average 50 year old priest!


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