So That Apology is Coming to Santorum...When?

And so it begins.

So who's going to apologize to Rick Santorum? Remember after Lawrence v. Texas, then Senator Santorum said that if an anti-sodomy law was found unconstitutional then soon polygamy would be legal. Well, it turns out he was right.

A Utah judge struck down part of that state's law banning polygamy. In doing so Judge Clark Waddoups explicitly referenced
Lawrence v. Texas.

Santorum tweeted shortly after, "Sometimes I hate it when what I predict comes true."

Once you make marriage not about the creation and raising of children, marriage eventually becomes meaningless.



  1. In all fairness, "creation and raising of children" is not an issue in the Utah case.

  2. Unless you honor me, I will make of you a "no people."

  3. Marriage becomes meaningless...
    I think that is the whole point. It is much like everything else of value. Those who must care for it, don't. Those who enter into it after seeing the lack of care, care even less. Then abandoning it seems viable. Reducing its value. Then it becomes such a meaningless term that people who it wasn't intended for use it as yet another simple form of validation.


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