The War On Religion Is Real And We Are Losing

These days, we hear so much about "the war on ..." this or that, we have learned to drown it out as hyperbolic nonsense promoted by those with an agenda. The war on women is a perfect example.

But I am here to tell you that the war on religion is real and religion is losing--big time.

A lawsuit in Michigan may mean the secularist progressive endgame is in sight.  Please check it out at the Register.

As always, I appreciate your support over there.

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  1. Because progstains took the gloves off and have been pummeling us below the belt for decades, while we play defense using Queensberry rules.

    I know how it ends, we win- but that doesn't mean we shouldn't leave without a fight.

  2. Can you explain WHY people in this country would want to eradicate all religion? Serious;y, why would someone want that? I just don't buy it. And I don't mean one or 2 vocal nut jobs. That's not a war. A war is a concerted effort to destroy or take over. Sure, I see one religion knocking another, or trying to compete. And sure, I see people objecting when others who cry "Religious Exemption!!" when they just don't want to share their toys. But a war? A concerted effort to destroy all religion? Nah. Hyperbole.

  3. Read C.S. Lewis' Screwtape Letters. I am sure you have. The devil wants the souls of all the human beings. If the devil can secure Jesus Christ' s soul, He who is a human being, the devil can be God. The devil is such a good liar, he believes his own lies.

  4. "or prohibit the free exercise thereof." the part of the First Amendment that atheists try to cheat Americans out of, since atheism has cheated the atheist out of his own soul. One nation under God is Constitutional.

  5. Yeah, hyperbole:


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