A Warning to Christians in Nazareth

Be Muslim. Or else.

Pray for all Christians in the Middle East. They face torture and death on a regular basis.

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  1. Palestinian Christians in Nazareth are more threatened by Israel than by their Muslim neighbors.

  2. Meanwhile, the Pope this past Sunday tells Muslims in Rome to strengthen themselves "with the Quran" and the "faith that your parents instilled in you." No wonder Muslims are multiplying like rabbits and Catholics are aborting, contracepting, and falling away from the faith. What else can we expect when the chair of Peter speaks for 3 minutes about hope without the words "Christ" or "convert" passing his lips. Apparently they never crossed his mind.


  3. the pope should receive a 100,000 letters with this photo enclosed. maybe then these incomprehensible comments about Islam will cease.

  4. the pope should receive a 100,000 letters with this photo enclosed. maybe then these incomprehensible comments about Islam will cease.

  5. OK. It looks like the pope was speaking to people who don't practice the violent aspects of their faith. However...

    Ever heard of Shahbas Bhatti, Your Holiness? How about the Martyr of Tunisia [some say Iraq]?

    Just askin'.

  6. These Muslims won't stop being 'peaceful' until every Christian in the Middle East is exiled or killed.

  7. Catholics in this country tend to vote for their oppressors, with bishops hoping to share yuck-it-up time with the oppressor-in-chief at the Al Smith dinner. Christians in the middle east can't expect any help or even prayers from the Merovingians who constitute the council of bishops.


  8. I can tell you what is happening here. Francis et al are so utterly blinded by Nostra Aetate, its pastoral statements about muslims worship the same God as we do, that the Christians who are being murdered are starkly show that is not the case, get sacrificed. What must be worshiped is the golden calf of Nostra Aetate at all times. Any evidence contrary to the "wisdom" of that pastoral document is better left ignored. that is what is happening. thanks Council fathers, great job.

  9. Shabaz Bhatti is a martyr in my eyes. I pray for his canonization.

  10. David and/or Matt - unrelated, but one of you needs to ring the bell loudly on this. Rorate tweets:

    The Audacity of Homo

    "Venerabilis","dating" site of homo-priests in Curia,actually is on Twitter,& mentioning our latest post.Unbelievable!

    The site is up and running as I type this with priests signed in under random gay sounding names looking for hookups. Where is the interdiction? Where the hell is Volpi? Shouldn't anyone involved with this be under house arrest (at least) like they did to the head of the FFI order? We all know this site and the people on it are protected by powerful bishops and cardinals. This is the root cause of all the misery in the world, why the Church has failed in Her mission: homosexual priests more dedicated to their gay circle than to the Church, and no one with the courage to do anything about it.

    That "who am I to judge" quote was a like a dinner gong at a fat farm to these perverts. They are gathering in force and asserting themselves in full confidence that no one can judge them. Meanwhile, anyone attending a TLM has stay quiet and pray it's not taken from them on some trumped-up charge of Pelagianism.

    Puke. Just freaking puke in my mouth freaking sick state of affairs in the Church.

  11. Reflect on the fate of Bl Ramon Lull, who spent his life trying to bring Muslims and Christians together, and was martyred as a consequence of his preaching in North Africa. There was no lack of study and understanding on his part.


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