Abortion Barbie Slams Parapalegic Opponent "Never Walked In My Shoes"

Abortion Barbie, AKA Wendy Davis, has had a bad week after it turns out her life story is mostly BS.

So as liars tend to do when cornered, they lie some more, attacking her opponent as being the one responsible for the truth coming out about her lies.

She criticized him for not knowing how difficult her life has been saying he "never walked a day in my shoes."

Well, that is correct. He never walked a day in her shoes because he is a paraplegic.

Her poor opponent will never know how difficult things have been for her.

Suffice it to say, Abortion Barbie is still having a very bad week.



  1. Stop being so sexist and waging a war on women. Or something.

  2. Irony not aside, what a self-referential, it's all about me, me, me princess! Which is unfair to real princesses, who are raised with a sense of duty.


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