Abortion. A Spiritual, Moral Problem.

Many argue that abortion is a financial problem or a legislative problem. They say that women who don't have enough money to raise children are forced to abort. They say we need to fix the laws.

I'd love to see everyone be wealthy and have great jobs. And I'd love to see laws accept that an unborn child is a human being. But I don't think that's how we really solve the abortion problem in this country.

A recent Family Research Council study, shows some interesting facts, according to LifeNews.com:
•Almost 3/4 of abortions are to women who initiated sex at age 16 or younger
•40% of women who begin sexual intercourse very early (12-13-14) will have abortions
•No great difference by income status in the percentage of women who procure abortions
So a strong economy or stricter laws won't do the trick. Abortion is a moral choice. And let's face it, it's typically not the first bad moral decision someone makes. It's one of many.

We can't just talk about abortion because by the time women get to making that decision many of them feel cornered and desperate. Abstinence and chastity must be discussed early on. If young men and women aren't engaging in premarital sex, the need for abortion plummets.

Young people need to be understand they are worth more than that. They need to also know that other people are not simply a means to an orgasm, even if it's consensual. We are called to love others, not simply receive their consent.

If you cut down on premarital sex you cut down on abortion. Say, you think that might be why Planned Parenthood is so gung-ho on "educating" young people about sex.



  1. "Say, you think that might be why Planned Parenthood is so gung-ho on 'educating' young people about sex." We need to pray and work for a culture that goes all Hogun on Planned Parenthood and turns this all around.

  2. Justice is blindfolded because Justice is for all people, the living who can appear in a court of law, the dead who have lost their face and cannot appear in a court of law and all future generations, our constitutional posterity who have not yet been given their faces to appear in a court of law.
    A corrupt Justice has tunnel vision and serves only its corrupt master, the highest bidder and is not Justice at all, but is a miscarriage of Justice. This would be a Justice with an agenda to exclude some individuals. The unborn child in Roe v. Wade became a ward of the court when his mother wanted to end his life. The Roe court gave custody of the unborn child to the individual who intended to end his life. Roe did not end the existence of the unborn children. The person is an individual substance of a rational nature, as defined by Saint Thomas Aquinas. The rational, immortal soul has life eternal, forever in reward of his choices of free will, or whatever the choices present.
    A corrupt Justice excludes some individual persons because they cannot appear in a court of law, the deceased in memoriam, and the yet to be acknowledged, those individual persons who remain in the mind of God, whose souls have not yet formed their bodies and have no face to appear in a court of law, all future generations, our constitutional posterity. Justice is for these persons. The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth is for all persons living, those who have gone before us and those future generations, yet to be born, our constitutional posterity.
    Roe ignored our constitutional posterity on the grounds that it could not be proved that these to come are persons. How is it that they are not persons, since the court does not bestow sovereignty or personhood? God endows sovereignty and personhood with the creation of the rational, immortal human soul at fertilization. The immortal soul has no DNA, but the body into which it is endowed does.
    The free will act to believe in God must be upheld in a court of law. Justice is predicated on intent and without the free will, an attribute of the human soul, there can be no intent, no free will act of informed consent. Intellect, another attribute of the human soul allows the person to exercise his free will in informed consent. Without the rational, immortal human soul, there can be no Justice.
    The rational, immortal human soul exists and must be acknowledged in a court of law. The rational, immortal human soul is the seat of sovereign personhood. Sovereign personhood begets sovereign nations and constitutes their existence or annihilation.
    The cross on Mt. Soledad, the cross on the shield of the City of Los Angeles, the First Amendment belongs to all people, the living, those in memoriam, the dead, and those unborn, our constitutional posterity for whom our nation must survive. Without Justice for all, there is Justice for none. Without the moral and legal innocence of the newly begotten individual substance of a rational nature, the new human being, the rational, immortal human person, the standard of Justice, the compelling interest of the state, WE, the people cannot be.


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