An Idea for the Lego People: Edible Lego's? That Would Really Help.

We just had our little nieces and nephews over. They're aged six months,2,and 3. Mix that with my kids starting at age 6 and up and things can get ugly.

The three year old wants to play with the six year old and the two year old wants to play with the three year old so you've got the two year old playing with the six year old's toys. Not good. Because the two year old likes to eat. Everything.

Suggestion to the LEGO people. Why not just make LEGO's edible. Huh? Wouldn't that save parents an awful lot of worry? A partnership with the gummy people maybe?

I'm not talking about those big fat ones. I'm talking those small trachea sized ones that my son builds all sorts of armored vehicles with for his action figures.

Oh, and one more thing. How about you think about making the edges softer so when I step on them in the middle of the night, it's not the most searing pain in the world that makes me scream like a little girl. I mean, I guess I could just teach my kids to responsibly pick up their LEGOS off the floor but let's face it, that's not going to happen.

I told my 8 year old son that his aunt was still inspecting every diaper and looking for LEGO pieces. He said good and then asked if she could send him back the pieces she finds.

I doubt that's going to happen. And I'm darn sure I don't want it to.



  1. I can hear the Lego floor-jab screams from my past. perhaps they could make Lego chewable gum, prevents too many calories and apparently is good for dental health.

  2. At a candy store in Galvestin, TX you can buy a candy that looks like legos. They are still hard (kind of like chewable vitamins), but my kids loved them.

  3. When we were younger my baby sister ate a whole handful of my light bright pegs unbeknown to us all. My mom was *really* freaked out when they appeared in the diaper, until I said "my pegs!" I apparently wanted them back, but mom refused. Edible pegs would have been cool (and probably a whole lot less painful for my sis).

  4. You can buy the lego candy on Amazon too! We had them as a 'craft' at my son's lego-themed birthday party! They were great! They taste like Sweet Tarts and really build...

  5. I've not had this problem despite lots of small kids and lots of small LEGO in the house. The little ones learn, even by 18 months, not to eat the LEGO if they want to play with the big kids.

    So, while I've heard parents complain about this for years, I've never seen it actually happen.

    And we have LEGO minifig ice cube trays. My kids love eating their minifigs made out of Jello or ice.


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