Brit Hume's Excellent Commentary on Roe v. Wade

Simply outstanding brief commentary.

ht My brother Tom



  1. Well, good. But I add that the science is in the life field but babies do not need to feel pain to be alive or to be human.

  2. Thank You, Brit and Bret,

    Glad to see some legitimate acknowledgment in the media, instead of the usual blackout

    As one of "those people" who support pro life causes, We are considered by the anti-lifers as being just as insignificant and neglible as the innocents we defend. Like those completely clueless, baffle headed foul news anchors, talking heads, cuomos, bidens, pelosis,....To just dismiss us, and right off the unborn, with no more thought than just taking out the garbage is insulting to "your" intelligence!

    Now aren't these the people that usually do battle with the fantasy, invisible, make believe "straw men" enemies scenario?

    Thanks Again!, Brit and Bret for having some guts! How utterly refreshing!


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