Check Out Lila Rose on Crossfire!

I think she's an extremely effective spokesperson for the cause. To be honest, she seems like the only sane one at the table.



  1. Holy patronizing, batman! Lila's more well spoken and more attractive. I'm impressed with her calm informed representation! (Btw, what's up with the Maddow knockoff? !?)

  2. Lila Rose is a specialist on these issues and this is her in her element. It is so deeply satisfying to see our case so competently made.

  3. She's brilliant. The truth is simple, and Lila doesn't try to complicate it to satisfy the tyrannical PC rules.

  4. Very sad that the pro-abortionists don't even TRY to engage her arguments but simply labels her as "outside the mainstream." Are these not the very bullying tactics pundits decry? Their desire is not to win but to ostracize.

    1. That's all they can do. They cannot make a reasoned argument as there is none. I saw a studio commentator in a Fox news programme dismiss the March for Life with great derision (which was very explicit in his physical demeanour too) saying it was not an important issue and he would not waste time on it when they should be talking about financial matters!

  5. The mind of Andrew Cuomo to ostracize all opposition because they cannot legally kill us... yet. Thank you Lila Rose

  6. Legally castrating the men and chemically poisoning the women, the Culture of Death rides a pale horse. Perhaps this is why a lying frump is called a nag.


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