Foxnews Writer Attacks The Pope

I guess I shouldn't be surprised that a website that daily publishes lists of stars that have lost their mojo and good/bad bikini bodies would publish something as stupid as Adam Shaw's piece.

Adam Shaw, writing at, unleashes a juvenile diatribe against Pope Francis is which he calls the Pope a "snob" and against prosperity.

For a taste, check out the opening paragraph of this stupidity.
Pope Francis has declared war on those who aspire to provide a better life for themselves and their families, expressing the misguided snobbery of a man for whom money has never been an issue.
War on prosperity? War on aspirations? Snobbery?

It gets worse. You gotta read this to believe it.

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  1. Well, Pope Francis says any old thing that comes into his head....from not "obsessing" about the hundreds of millions of babies being murdered by abortion to not judging sodomy.

    In the last week I have seen half a dozen stories of Jesuit Universities or Priests promoting the murder of babies in the womb to promoting sodomy.....Francis as we know will never discipline these baby killing Jesuit schools and Priests....but Francis will destroy the Franciscans who offer the Latin Mass.

    Is it any wonder some young cub reporter with fox news is confused about Francis.

  2. No, but it is a wonder that you, supposedly a good Catholic, are swallowing the nonsense that the news media is putting out about the Pope. He never said a thing about people "obsessing" about abortion in that interview that appeared in America. Go read the original interview and engage in some adult reading comprehension, for heaven's sake! Read what the Pope said about abortion in his address to physicians, and on many other occasions.

    Also recall that many of those Franciscans actually sought and all agreed to the intervention of the Holy See. They did this because they are faithful Catholics, which makes the task of discipline easier than with those leftist dissidents who refuse discipline from the beginning. "Destroy" is nothing but mere melodrama.

  3. What a joke........a couple of the dissenting Franciscans sought the intervention and they took over and are destroying one of the most vibrant religious orders in the Church. 20....yes 20 parishes that had Franciscans offering Mass have had these Masses taken away.

    Francis absolutely DID say we should stop "obsessing" about abortion.

    Lori I live in Illinois......sodomite marriage failed to pass in the State house.....Francis came out and said "not to judge" the sodomites and then Catholics in the State house CHANGED their vote and sodomy was approved....thanks to Francis...and of course he never - NEVER said a word to try and correct this situation.

    The High School in Seattle where the students are pro-sodomy say they are following Pope Francis.

    The Jesuit Priest in Spain who said we have a DUTY at times to kill babies in the womb...not a word from Francis, nothing, silence...yet Bishop Bling wastes some of his diocese money and Francis has him removed the next day.....the clear lesson...say murdering babies in a DUTY and not a word from Francis..waste some money and Francis removes you the next day.

    I notices you did not have a word to say about Francis and his silence concerning the dozens of Jesuit universities that promote baby murder and sodomy............................I read today Francis is working on an encyclical on the least the spotted owls and trees have his attention.

  4. Fox News / Foxnews does seem at times to align itself with the hillbilly band / fundy / Deliverance / Duck Dynasty / we're-The-People-and-we-don't-wash / Cath'lics suck vision of the U.S.A. This vapid nancy is merely recycling what he thinks his masters want to hear.

  5. Viva Cristo Rey: please check where you are getting your information. A survey of the Franciscans of the Immaculate that has been widely published (you could check the Catholic World Report, the article has been discussed on this blog), makes it clear that the majority of the order wanted either a general chapter or for the Holy See to intervene. It has also been stressed by the order that the suspension of the TLM is temporary while this intervention is ongoing.

    Pope Francis did not use the words "obsessing about abortion." It just isn't true. Read the article. The only time he mentioned abortion directly, he said "you can't speak about it every minute" in the context of evangelization. Later on, he said some people were "obsessed" with speaking about individual doctrines -- in the context of evangelization, where a balance is needed between doctrine and emphasize on the love and salvation of Christ. You need the context. The media mashed two things together and left out the context.

    The Pope has spoken about abortion numerous times. On the day of the March for Life he sent a tweet to participants, as well as a letter through the Secretary of State, which was read out loud by the Apostolic Nuncio to the young people at the Verizon Center.

    I don't recall Pope Benedict personally addressing every instance of dissent or support for abortion, etc. in the Church either. Did you complain about all this in the same way. Somehow I doubt he. He wrote a lot about the environment too.

    What happens when Catholics like those in Illinois misunderstand the Pope (perhaps deliberately) is tragic. But you have to realize the Pope may not be aware of this situation, who knows how much he hears of the details of the news in various countries. I see that he has attempted to clear up misunderstandings about what he said, though of course he can't change the vote now. The real fault of this lies with the media for knowingly distorting his words -- and yes, it was knowingly. Don't make a bad situation worse, by distorting things yourself.

  6. Also, the Pope did NOT say not to judge sodomy. He was speaking about not judging (i.e. condemning) those who simply had a homosexual inclination. He made this clear by quoting the CCC! Go and read the original interview. It's out there. By talking like this, you yourself are helping to spread the same media lies that misled the voters in the Illinois legislature and others. Once you realize this, you need to stop it!

  7. The old 'Pope Francis was taken out of context' stupidity is long past its expired date. In fact, that date was up when he put out interviews that everyone could read for themselves on the internet, did, and were shocked by what he was saying. If anyone is to blame for this reporter's article it is Pope Francis himself for saying ridiculous things week after week. I include his EG apostolic exhortation among those 'ridiculous things' he has said. All you need to do is read it to see what crap it is. The worst was probably when he said, oh if only those muslims would read the koran 'correctly' then they would be peaceful and never hurt anyone. Yes, just skip over those silly parts of the koran where it says to kill Christians. No problem.

  8. I have to say I agree with Mr. Shaw. The productive half of the United States now spends almost 6 months working for various layers of government via onerous taxation rates. You never hear a peep about this from His Holiness who, it is true, has all of his waking needs paid for.

  9. I would really like to know the great crime the Franciscans have committed to be slammed and destroyed by the Pope?

    Please, do tell.....I'm waiting to find out why we here in Illinois have Sister Donna Quinn who worked 10 years and a public deathscort at Chicago abortion clinics (leading babies to their deaths) and her religious order is in fine standing with the Church.

    And the Franciscans have committed NO wrongs and are closed down.

    This Priest PAYS for abortions and Francis is silent

    And this Jesuit say it is irresponsible NOT to murder babies.

    And of course Francis is DEAD silent.

    Well, we can take Francis at his word...he certainly in not "obsessing" about babies being murdered or make any judgments at all as his Priests slaughter the innocent.

    But sure, destroy the Franciscans because they offer Mass in Latin.


    Jesuit priest cites Pope Francis in praising Catholic student activism backing gay marriage..................

    The Pope knows exactly what he is doing by his cryptic words and hazy statements....he is allowing his fellow Jesuits to use them to promote what Jesuits promote.

    The smoke of Satan has turned into an inferno................

    1. All the enemies of the Church are quoting the Pope with glee.

  11. "All the enemies of the Church are quoting the Pope with glee."

    Sadly the Pope knows this......and it is part of his strategy to liberalize the church and make remake it in the image of a south american Jesuit.

    Difficult time are ahead and the culture of death has a voice in the church with Pope Francis.

  12. The reason I am so negative in my out look is I believe the evidence supports this assessment and I am desperately hoping someone can convince me I am wrong.

    I know the church will always survive but it sure looks like our leadership in the Church is unwilling to discipline Catholics who destroy life and souls.

  13. @Viva Cristo Rey: That "obsession" remark—go read the actual text—was merely the re-assertion of the obvious fact that Christianity is not actually about moral precepts, any moral precepts. It goes for "don't kill and eat strangers" as much as it goes for abortion or gay marriage. Christianity is not a moral code; its only unique moral teaching has to do with evangelization (and Buddhism has the same principle, regarding its evangelistic message). Christianity is a remedy for the fundamental spiritual crisis of human life, of which immorality is the symptom, not the cause.

    And seriously, what the hell do you think a Pope is? He cannot teach error on faith and morals. If anything he says is remotely capable of an orthodox interpretation (and with the things Francis says, the orthodox interpretation requires the least reading-in), that must be assumed to be the correct one. Or else you are saying the Pope is teaching error, in which case the gates of hell have prevailed against the Church and Christ was a liar and thus no Christ at all, and we should shave our heads and take the pratimoksha vows, because Buddhism is the only cosmology left to us in that case.

  14. The pope CAN teach error on faith and morals....he cannot teach error on faith and morals when speaking to the enitre church.....the pope can babble any old thing he wants when being interviewed by a Jesuit magazine.

    Francis is the Pope, I realize that, he has the power and authority to take the Church in the direction he wants to.

    Francis is also a modern liberal who loves Jesus and will create the church into a 1970's spirit of vatican II luv fest.


  15. Viva is correct. The charism of infallibility does not protect every utterance of the pope. A pope is also not indefectible, on the Church is. There have been good popes, bad popes, and mediocre popes. There's a new strain of ultramontanism out there being urged in the face of ambiguous or worse comments of Francis. The people urging are, on the whole, the same people who couldn't stand Benedict XVI or John Paul II.


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