History Will Judge Us

I sometimes wonder how his will judge our generation. Imagine a future person perusing the archives of today's public debates in which we actively discuss:

  • Our 'right' to obtain free birth control from nuns, nuns!!
  • Whether or not people who publicly oppose buggery as normative should be shunned and fired.
  • And the sizable group that think the Pope really said that all religions are true and there is no hell.

The question will not be whether our culture survived, it didn't. But rather how we lasted this long.



  1. And that a bearded millionaire dressed like a tree inspired us. Well, not me, but you get the idea.

  2. As someone who has been told throughout my whole life to "always" keep an open mind, and to "never" use absolutes, such as "always and never". And of course never judge. I find myself in a continuous process of self reflection, examination, and consequences of actions.
    Well I don't know much but I do know this, as a most imperfect human being, that God has "always" kept a promise that he has "ever"made for salvation of the human race"! In truth and honestly, He "never" said it was going to be easy. He said he would "never" turn anyone away that sincerely desired salvation through penitence and ammendment.

    I want to go to heaven and I want the rest of the human race to go there too. If someone is lost because "I" didn't witness, in some small way, the "always and "never" of God to them, then who is to blame?

    Many souls go to hell because there was no one to pray for them.

    Now that's a judgement!


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