I'm Not OK and I Suspect You're Not Much Better

I am the broken pieces of what was supposed to be Matt Archbold. I know this.

Charged with following Christ and spreading the gospel I shudder to think of my wayward path. And I hesitate to consider how many times I have, when faced with a perfect moment to spread the gospel, instead opted for biting sarcasm? Or even cowardly silence.

I don't know if it's in my nature to jump to sarcasm or to cowardly opt for silence but I do not come to Christ for validation of my nature. I require correction. I beg for it. I need that steady campfire to beckon me back from my mad midnight charges into the wilderness.

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  1. whenever I hear the, 'I;m OK you're OK', saying I flick back to the seventies joke which ('scuse the irreverence but gets the truth across) goes...Christ on the Cross looks down on two guys saying, I'm ok, you're ok...from the Cross, then what the hell am I doing up here?

  2. Broken Humans make Formidable Opponents.
    Spiritual Warfare for the salvation of souls anyone?
    Sounds like your experiencing, some serious spiritual "blowback" from the underworldly co-pilots! You know the ones, those evil, uninvited party crashers and bashers.
    You must be doing something "right" for them to be so tic'd off! We all don't have to be reminded how much they really hate human beings.
    By the way, saying the Divine Praises makes them crazy. Hey, even I, through the grace of God and the BVM, can throw a good spiritual punch lightening speed!

  3. Happy dance, Donna M. God Bless. Keep you in my prayers.

  4. This is one of the reasons I keep coming back here. Thank you, Mr. Archbold.

  5. " When I am weak, then I am strong." almost St. Paul


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