Mag: Children Need Dads

The Atlantic reports on the shocking science that kids kinda actually sorta do need dads. They should be careful. While they call it science, it sounds kinda Jesusy or something.

The war on women continues.
What this view overlooks, however, is a growing body of research suggesting that men bring much more to the parenting enterprise than money, especially today, when many fathers are highly involved in the warp and woof of childrearing. As Yale psychiatrist Kyle Pruett put it in Salon: "fathers don't mother."

Pruett's argument is that fathers often engage their children in ways that differ from the ways in which mothers engage their children. Yes, there are exceptions, and, yes, parents also engage their children in ways that are not specifically gendered. But there are at least four ways, spelled out in my new book, Gender and Parenthood: Biological and Social Scientific Perspectives (co-edited with Kathleen Kovner Kline), that today's dads tend to make distinctive contributions to their children's lives:
Science is femophobic.

They even have charts that show all kinds of bad stuff happens more often when Dad isn't in the pitcha.

Next thing you know, the Atlantic will report on the startling new science that suggests that fetuses kinda sorta look and behave like little babies.

Haha.  Just kidding.

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  1. Being cooped up because of the cold, the boys had to blow off some stink last night. Mom doesn't play NERF guns. Dad does.... and I'm a dead shot.

  2. Asa. Scientist, I understand the arrogance and self indulgent behavior of my colleagues...perhaps me too. The requirement of to scientifically prove observations and make truths into facts. Personally, there isn't a problem with that. The problems are twofold. Ignoring the obvious until it's proven. This means negating things people have been doing successfully for a very long time, changing them and expecting we simply know better until proven otherwise. That's faith. That's scientism and not science. Second, is the fact nothing can come from any source...religion comes first to mind, unless it goes through a scientific filter. The problem is science is a hammer, but the world isn't only a nail. Science is a great tool, but only a tool. Any question can be asked, but not all can be answered with science without first redefining what it is we are studying. To study God scientifically one has to define what he is, which of course means you are not studying God. I think science is amazing and it deserves accolades for all the users of science Che have done to advance our technology, healthcare, etc.....but it is just a tool. I love me new power drill but I don't believe in it.

  3. LOL that last line in the post cracked me up!

  4. RobC- that is so true! I hate the clicking sounds of nerf guns- the kids (actually 3 girls and a boy) like it when I go teach my class so they can rough house with their dad


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