No, Seriously. The AP Said This

This may seem like the Onion or Eye of the Tiber. It is not.

In a story about Pope Francis' remarks about the expanded role women should play in the Church, the Associated Press dropped in this little nugget. This is a news report, mind you.
But the pope gave no sign that the Vatican glass ceiling against ordaining women for the priesthood might see some cracks during his papacy.
As the Vatican toils to shore up sometimes flagging faith among Catholics, Francis laid out how the church sees women as crucial for that.

“The presence of women in a domestic setting turns out to be so necessary” for the “transmission to future generations of solid moral principles and the very transmission of the faith,” Francis said.

Shutting women out of the priesthood has also meant they have never climbed to the top ranks of the most crucial offices at the Vatican, since those jobs go to prelates. The pope’s top advisers are drawn from cardinals, the elite group of men whose responsibilities include electing popes.

The Vatican has cracked down swiftly and severely on any women who defy the ban by being ordained priests, trying to discourage female ordination movements that have some support in the U.S. and western Europe.
This isn't reporting, it is editorializing.  Stupid editorializing that shows that the author does not understand his subject matter in the least.

*subhead*Glass ceiling?.*subhead*


  1. Yes, but we do have ugly felt banners, tiddly-wink-Jesus-wants-me-for-a-sunbeam hymns, the liturgy in English (and bad English at that), cool bishops who live in a Neverland where it is always 1968, and altars facing the wrong way.

  2. A "glass ceiling" exists when an organization makes it appear that anyone can be promoted-up within their hierarchy when the reality is otherwise (because there is an invisible ceiling.) Either the writer does not understand the term, or believes that the Church has not been its honoring its publically stated pro-priestess policies.

  3. Because there's a war against women, don'tcha know. And there probably isn't anyone at AP anymore who has ever heard the word "theology."

  4. Whatever happened to the separation of church and state in this piece?

  5. The presence of women in a domestic setting turns out to be so necessary for the continuation of the human race. Papa Francis should be talking about that, but he is probably talking about altar girls, readers, and the ecumenical minister circus. The AP is idiotic, but then they are predictable, aren't they? This is just part of the progressive march.

  6. In other news, Glen Beck and Rush Limbaugh have once again been snubbed by the Democratic National Committee for the nominations of president and vice president. Is there no end to the injustice?

  7. 'The glass ceiling?" That's really funny.


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