Sandra Fluke to Run for Congress?

This would be awesome. Sandra Fluke, the former Georgetown Law student, who made a name for herself crying that she couldn't afford her contraception, might run for Congress.

Henry Waxman is turning up his nose at the thought of another race and is retiring so it's all up for grabs.

I love the thought that someone tweeted that this is a young lady who couldn't figure out how to budget for birth control and she wants to run the country? Huh?

Do you remember her out on the campaign trail for Obama when a whole six people showed up to listen to her. The thing is, running for office is all about raising money. And she's all about spending other people's money so maybe she's got a shot.

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  1. The same Sandra that held a woman's rally for contraception and only two people came to hear her speak.
    This is the demo-rats secret weapon to create atomic apathy at the voting poles.

    I think its working!

  2. When it comes to passivity, Republicans take the cake; or, rather, they would take the cake, but they'd have to get up out of the recliner and walk to the table. In the last presidential election only about half of the electorate, both Republican and Democrat, voted. In off-year elections, which are often more important, there is almost universal silence.

    Democrats are often malevolent, but Republicans are harmless Merovingians.

    But now back to the Super Bowl and Justin Bieber.

  3. Maybe she could run for president.
    We've already seen that there's no experience required.

  4. I still to subscribe to the lessons derived from the story of Jonah. Not doing the will of God has its consequences. Not the figurative stormy seas or the belly of the beast but rather all the psycho-somatic travails of modern life. Thus I have good reason not to envy Ms. Fluke, at all.

  5. A job in Congress sounds like the perfect fit for her. It would allow her to screw a lot of people without having to use the birth control she apparently can't afford.

  6. "Merovingians"?

    Well, I suppose the GOP are fond of gold currency and primogeniture-inheritance...

  7. She'll fit right in. A whiney self indulged person with limited life experience and negligible struggles or trials gets to demand things from others while enjoying an entitled job she isn't qualified for.


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