What's Wrong with Shame?

The internet is abuzz with the image of a girl. Shock, right? But not that kind of picture. It's a picture of a girl who appears to be in her early teens, holding a sign which reads:
"My name is Hailey. I am a kind, caring, smart girl, but I make poor choices with social media. As a punishment, I am selling my iPod and will be donating the money to the charity Beat Bullying, in hopes of changing my behavior as well as bringing awareness to Bullying. Because bullying is wrong."
This is creating a lot of back and forth, with some accusing the mom of going too far and saying the Mom is the real bully.

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  1. Oh, well, why not put the child in the public stocks? This is not about discipline; this is about the mother's look-at-me-me-me-what-a-great-mother-I-I-I-am 'tude.

  2. The real question you should be asking yourself is, is this real, or is it P.R.?
    This bullying meme shows up a lot and a P.R. campaign about bullying could be a preface to some rather troubling legislation. Look, even in the text it says this is being done to raise 'awareness.' Next up, we will have an anti-bullying bill that restricts our freedoms without actually doing anything about bullies. You know what creates bullies? Prison, otherwise known as public school. The children can tell they are being incarcerated and some of them turn bad because of it. They learn by example- the adults are twisting their arm, so they figure out they can do the same to smaller children. This is another issue, like abortion, that politicians love to keep around, so they can posture on it.

  3. If the mom is ridiculing and mocking the child for her actions, then she may very we'll be a bully. If she is lovingly making her daughter accountable and educate her out of love and determination to create a responsible adult. Then she is.....being a mom!


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