WIth Biden, You Can Make This Stuff Up

It turns out, you can make this stuff up, at least when it comes to Biden.

A few weeks ago when Bob Gates released his book, he said that Biden has been wrong on every major policy decision.

As joke, I tweeted and facebooked a line in which I had Biden defend himself against the charge by confusing Bob Gates (former WH chief of staff) with Bill Gates (founder of Microsoft.)

I said

Biden denies charge he is always wrong. Says Bill Gates never even worked at the White House.

See, it was supposed to be funny because even in his defense, Biden was wrong.

But even Joe Biden is not dumb enough to confuse Bob Gates with Bill Gates while defending himself of the charge, right?


It turns out, you can make this stuff up. It is that stupid.

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  1. Aaahhhhh Patrick,

    Just "love" you and Matt!

    This is just too easy!

    Do I compose a Limerick, an Ode to Catholic apostasy, or just wax poetic regarding the plain and simple truth of him being the lackey, horses @$$, that he is?

    Once I begin, I can never shut up!

    The burden he and others like him create have carried me right into the confessional!

    I am on my knees supplicating Divine Mercy not to destroy my country, world, because of his wholesale idiocy and that of das fuhrer, Mr sieg heil, obama.

    Shame and self recollection are forgotten virtues.
    Why have men and women of obama's and biden's ilk have ever succeded so far?

    May God have mercy on us!

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