Cecile Richards: When Life Begins is Irrelevant

Answering a question about when life begins, Cecile Richards disgustingly yet predictably answered that the question was irrelevant.

The thing to notice here is how she squirms when she's actually questioned. It's almost as if she's stunned that someone's asking her a question about when life begins. Because, let's face it, the only question that Planned Parenthood really cares about when it comes to abortion is "how long until the check clears."

Upon receiving a little pressure from the interviewer, she did eventually say that she thought her childrens' lives began at birth.

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  1. What she thinks is really not the issue. It is when life begins. It's not rocket science. She is not stupid, just has no eyes to see or ears to hear.

  2. And we Christians are supposedly the ones who oppose science. I know people like this and how they "think" always astounds me: It's magic! That parasitical blob of tissue somehow becomes a baby between that last push and emerging into the air. Magic, I tell you, magic!

  3. perhaps the bigger question is: what journalist/network is interviewing her and making her 'squirm'? Is this a shift in the attitude of some or isolated? Seems like the reaosn this issue still exists is to some degree because the weak vantage point of PP and pro-abortionists is they have never been challenged.

  4. Her mama would be so proud! Yuck!

  5. The same people who tell us the science is settled also want us to believe something for which there is zero scientific support. In both cases the only thing you need do is follow the money.

    And she and her cronies would declare that life ends at 80 if they thought they could make money off of it.

  6. Her kids are lucky to be alive. If you don't believe life begins at conception, why bother going through pregnancy? Go adopt a baby that is given up for adoption right after birth/became alive.

  7. I wonder if people like her have "Baby showers" when they are pregnant? If its not a baby until it's born then what is it- a house plant?

  8. Wheeeuuhw, To be schooled by the likes of mizzz richards!

    Inhaled a little too much pixie dust, huh! Makes everything a little more irrelevant!
    Well, we do know, as with other abortion promoters and providers, they are not geniuses. This is a perfect example of limited intellectual capacity. She deals primarily in suppositions, rather than facts.
    Kinda' makes you feel you entered into a surreal, altered universe. where the rules, the normal checks and balances just don't work!

    Uhh boy....

  9. Of course it is "irrelevant" when life begins if one worships and sacrifices at the altar of abortion...

  10. P.S. If a person's life begins when they're born, are fetal "movements" just... What? Biomechanical reactions?

  11. The will to live of the sovereign person endowed with the Right to Life by our Creator begins with the fertilization of the human egg by the human seed; the creation of, in Thomas Aquinas’ words, an individual substance of a rational nature endowed with a rational, immortal human soul by our Creator. The will to live, sovereign personhood, free will and intellect are attributes of the human being’s rational immortal human. The free will of the newly begotten sovereign soul is a sign of life and of human existence. The free will endowed by our Creator is employed by the human being in his will to live. As Francisco Suarez posited: “Human existence is the criterion for the objective ordering of human rights.” These human rights are equal to all mankind. The child’s life is predicated on his will to live. If the child has life, the child is making a free will act to live. This free will act to live is proof of his reality, his existence as a human being, his existence as a member of the human species.

    The animal’s soul remains free of guilt, is innocent, and has no ability to reason or commit itself to evil. The animal’s soul dies with the animal.
    Three parent individuals created in a laboratory, genetically mutated individuals and all “in vitro fertilization” violate the human being’s immortal human soul, his sovereign personhood and his free will act to live as a sovereign person. Informed consent must be gotten to bring mutated, genetically altered and in vitro fertilization to fruition. Until now, the wants of the parents, scientists and others who cannot own another person have done as they will without obtaining the informed consent of the human being, making of the sovereign person, property of the scientists and a victim of society, who allows such perpetrations on another person.
    Imitating the experimentation of Dr. Mengele, called the Angel of Death, of the Nazi’s concentration camps, the experimenters destroy their excesses, miscalculations and undesirables at will, the same free will they deny to their controlled victims.

    Denying the human soul and the sovereign personhood of the newly created individual of a rational nature, scientists proceed without the informed consent or respect for the human being.
    Informed consent must be gotten from the person who must live the life chosen for him by scientists. The newly begotten person will not be able to give informed consent for genetic mutation, genetic engineering, in vitro fertilization and three parent human beings until the age of emancipation and spiritual maturity of his rational soul.
    The wretched victims of genetic experimentation have recourse to indemnification and punitive damages in the courts for abuse and enslavement as surely as have all abused victims.
    Sadly, this fact will only bring about their death more surely, instead of acknowledgment of their personhood and humanity.
    The precious human beings suffering at the hands of individuals who refuse to acknowledge their humanity and their human souls will be vindicated.


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