Clay Aiken and Sandra Fluke Running for Public Office

Gotta' love this country. What's next an exploratory committee from Paris Hilton.

I love this web commercial from Aiken who is going after Republican Renee Elmers because she cut funding to the military and hurt military readiness. You know, because when I see Clay Aiken I think military readiness. Don't you? I've got to tell you though, whoever is running his campaign, next time don't put so much makeup on Howdy Doody when he's talking military funding. It just feels weird to see a dude wearing more makeup than Nancy Pelosi chatting up the military.

I'm thinking Clay doesn't have much of a shot here.

But then we've got Sandra Fluke, who couldn't even afford her own birth control but feels like she can run California, running as well. She's at least smart. She's running for state Senate. Running for office is almost 90 percent fundraising. One of the problems many conservatives have who are considering running for office is that they're not actually interested in holding office. They truly want to make a change so they run for Congress, Mayor, Governor, or Senator. This is not what liberals tend to do. Liberals are in it for the long haul. They start out running for lower offices and build their fundraising network. Many of them aren't in it necessarily to make a specific change, they're in it for a career. So they're willing to start small. Hey, quite recently we had a guy go from the state senate in Chicago to the presidency of these United States in just two years.

My prediction is Aiken goes down quick but we'll be dealing with Moan of Arc (Dennis Miller's term for Fluke) for years to come.

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  1. A good part of their following will be because their sex lives make them special and give them magic abilities.

  2. Are ya seein' a DELIVERANCE / DUCK DYNASTY theme in Texas politics?

    But it's all irrelevant, Texans don't vote. Really. They complain, but they don't vote. In most states Republicans vote once in each election, and Democrats can vote two or three times. In Texas, Republicans don't vote once and Democrats don't vote two or three times.

  3. Wait. There is no Texas connection here. But I won't apologize because my staff didn't tell me about the little traffic problem in Austin. Really. The first time I knew it was when I read the papers. And The Voices. And probably Vladimir Putin.


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