Farrakhan Challenges Pope Francis to a Jesus Showdown

Louis Farrakhan was busy Sunday. In the morning, he had to incite a race war and then later he had to challenge Pope Francis to a showdown over who actually knew Jesus better.

That's a big day. He's swamped. Hey, this morning I just got up and had some Special K and now I'm sitting on the couch blogging. Farrakhan make me feel inadequate. You've got to admit even though the destination on his internal GPS is set to Crazytown Farrakhan's moving awfully fast to get there.

The Blaze has some pull-able quotes from the minister of madness.

“And now I say to the pope and all the lovers of Jesus, if you desire let’s have a showdown,” he said. “You call the Jesus that you know and I’ll call on the Jesus that I know and let’s see which one of us really knows Jesus.”

Farrakhan then proceeded to mention “1,500 … wheels,” a concept that is integral to Nation of Islam.

“Yes, there’s 1,500 of these wheels. I believe in Jesus. I believe him to be the Christ and we have all over the world a right to love Jesus, but it’s better to love him with knowledge than to love him in the way that he is being represented,” Farrakhan added.

As TheBlaze has reported, Nation of Islam theology teaches that the “Mother Wheel,” a massive spaceship, remains in orbit and will eventually rescue adherents from earth.
Wait. A spaceship? Really? I knew he was crazy. But do his followers really truck with the idea of a spaceship? Wow. Even Scientologists think these guys have gone too far.

Something tells me that Pope Francis' datebook won't be filled with a Jesus showdown with Farrakhan any time soon. But hey, there's no telling with Pope Francis. Maybe he'll call Farrakhan on the phone like he called all those other people. Hey, I've got an idea. One of us should call Farrakhan pretending to be Pope Francis. Tell Farrakhan you're calling from the Mother Wheel and then hang up. That'll confuse them for weeks.

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  1. To farrakhan, aka ex protestant christian,

    Challenging the Pope is not going to raise your status. What I can't figure out is why progressive liberals give you a pass in regard to your paramilitary gaurds and followers that surround you to carry weapons while inciting racial hate? Last I checked hate, unforgiveness and ingratitude never entered into heaven.

    massalama, butterfly

  2. Maybe, it's all about the bowties.

  3. I seem to recall a similar challenge involving a man named Elijah. It didn't go so well with the challengers

  4. I seem to recall a similar challenge involving a man named Elijah. It didn't go so well with the challengers

  5. Poor Farrakhan. He's channeling Henry VIII sauced with maybe a little too much exposure to 1950s space invasion movies.

  6. Awww. Lewey is feeling a bit iirelevant now that his islamic brothers are getting all the attention for their genocidal ways.

  7. He makes bold statements because he knows he CORRECT


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