Ha! Best Reason Ever to Get Detention

If this were my kid, I wouldn't be pleased. At all. But I kinda' like the fact that there's kids out there like this.

The kid asked to watch the USA vs. Slovakia game during Spanish class. His teacher said no so he called her a communist.

Check out this detention slip.

HT Daily Caller



  1. Why do you approve of calling someone an obscene name?

  2. With Common Core in our schools, it's good to see that this child thought "communist" is actually an insult.

  3. A word to the wise is sufficient. That the word "communist" is in this child's vocabulary ought to give pause to the administration.

  4. Honestly, what could it have hurt to let the kid watch the game? It was study hall! I've seen study halls with students pelting each other with pencils, crunched up papers, etc and other students chatting and joking. "Commie" would have been better, but he didn't use obscenities.

  5. The child just needs to learn the sufficiently P.C buzzwords. For example, if instead of calling the teacher a "communist", he had called the teacher a "Bully", I am sure the teacher would have immediately had a change of heart and let him watch whatever he wanted to avoid the charge.

  6. Better dead than red, they used to say.

    You've been tapped for a gong!

    Pax semper.

    Fr H

  7. I hope this is meant as a joke. Learning to disobey the proper exercise of authority is among the least of our Catholic values. Communism to me is a group of atheistic mass murderers. A teacher who doesnt want brain-dead kids watching TV in school is one I would say made a wise decisison. Time for that whiny brat to shut up and get to work!

  8. And by the way, my mom relished her nickname when she was teaching back in the sixties: Kruschev behind the Iron Curtain. No one ever went to detention and everyone was scared of all 5 feet of her.

  9. Not to mince words with the kid, but Slovakia is not communist. It is a Social Democracy ;)


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