Hilariously, Daily Beast Calls Wendy Davis "America’s Conscience on Abortion"

Only someone in the liberal media could believe that someone who made their name defending late-term abortions was "America’s Conscience on Abortion."

As everyone knows, Wendy Davis, who is believed to be running for Governor of Texas, just remembered Texas was a red state and she flip-flopped on the issue of late-term abortions in order to convince Texans she wasn't a radical pro-abortion nut. Only someone in the media could see this as evidence of a strong character.

The Daily Beast reports:
The idea that Davis supporters or foes should get into a tizzy because she actually articulated the position of most Americans on abortion is silly. The idea that they would attempt to spin her nuanced response as politically calculating is even sillier. Nuance is rarely known to make for an effective political ad or to win votes in the current sound-bite heavy political climate, although our political landscape would be better if it did.

Like most Americans, her position on abortion is more complicated than the simplistic labels “pro-choice” or “pro-life” can adequately capture—which in part makes them increasingly useless in politics, something confirmed by a poll by reproductive rights organization Planned Parenthood.
You know how I know pro-lifers are on the comeback trail? It's because for years, this was argued as not complicated at all but so very black and white. Now, even the most rabid pro-aborts are hiding behind "grays" and "complications."

We know it's not.



  1. She hog tied herself with her own rope, not an easy feat, unless your as morally bankrupt and ethically challenged as she has turned out to be.

    And the girl scout thing, enough already!

  2. Human sacrifice is wrong. Is the concept so difficult to understand?

  3. That makes our nation the Jeffrey Dalhmer of the world?

  4. G. K. Chesterton explaining how (and why) Rome defeated Carthage, from "The Everlasting Man"... longish but relevant:

    "How could they understand that the Romans could hope even when their fortunes were hope less?... how should they understand those who still wage war even when they are weary of it? They awoke suddenly to the news that the embers they had disdained too much even to tread out were again breaking everywhere into flames; that Hasdrubal was defeated that Hannibal was outnumbered, that Scipio had carried the war into Spain; that he had carried it into Africa. Before the very gates of the golden city Hannibal fought his last fight for it and lost; and Carthage fell as nothing has fallen since Satan. The name of the New City remains only as a name. There is no stone of it left upon the sand.

    Another war was indeed waged before the final destruction: but the destruction was final. Only men digging in its deep foundations centuries after found a heap of hundreds of little skeletons, the holy relics of that religion. For Carthage fell because she was faithful to her own philosophy and had followed out to its logical conclusion her own vision of the universe. Moloch had eaten his children.

    The gods had risen again, and the demons had been defeated after all."

    No culture that murders its babies can survive.


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