I Need Male Feminism Because Patriarchy or Something

It's not just your friends dude.

I was going to leave it there. If I thought this was an interesting attempt to get women at least I'd understand it. I'd still feel sorry for the dude but at least I'd understand it. But by doing this and writing a big piece in the UK Guardian that talks about deconstructing the "patriarchal system." Yikes.

There's some things that men shouldn't do. High on that list is adopting the verbiage of gender studies majors. After that comes hyphenating your name when you get married.

Here's a little advice to young men. Feminism is no longer about equality. It's about hating men and killing babies. Not in that order.



  1. Do you have a source for the quote at the top of the page supposedly from St. Pius X? I can only find it in anti-Catholic books and then re-posted by certain traditionalist sites. Especially if you look at the whole supposed quote, it is directly contradicted by both Scripture (he says kindness is for fools, Scripture says kindness is a fruit of the Spirit and part of charity, the greatest virtue) and that there is no place for charity in his war with the Modernists.

    On the other hand, in his public Magisterium, St. Pius X said the opposite:

    13. But in order that the desired fruit may be derived from this apostolate and this zeal for teaching, and that Christ may be formed in all, be it remembered, Venerable Brethren, that no means is more efficacious than charity. "For the Lord is not in the earthquake" (III Kings xix., II) - it is vain to hope to attract souls to God by a bitter zeal. On the contrary, harm is done more often than good by taunting men harshly with their faults, and reproving their vices with asperity. True the Apostle exhorted Timothy: "Accuse, beseech, rebuke," but he took care to add: "with all patience" (II. Tim.iv., 2). Jesus has certainly left us examples of this. "Come to me," we find Him saying, "come to me all ye that labor and are burdened and I will refresh you" (Matth. xi., 28). And by those that labor and are burdened he meant only those who are slaves of sin and error. What gentleness was that shown by the Divine Master! What tenderness, what compassion towards all kinds of misery! Isaias has marvelously described His heart in the words: "I will set my spirit upon him; he shall not contend, nor cry out; the bruised reed he will not break, he will not extinguish the smoking flax" (Is. xlii., I, s.). This charity, "patient and kind" (I. Cor. xiii., 4.), will extend itself also to those who are hostile to us and persecute us. "We are reviled," thus did St. Paul protest, "and we bless; we are persecuted and we suffer it; we are blasphemed and we entreat" (I. Cor., iv., 12, s.). They perhaps seem to be worse than they really are. Their associations with others, prejudice, the counsel, advice and example of others, and finally an ill advised shame have dragged them to the side of the impious; but their wills are not so depraved as they themselves would seek to make people believe. Who will prevent us from hoping that the flame of Christian charity may dispel the darkness from their minds and bring to them light and the peace of God? It may be that the fruit of our labors may be slow in coming, but charity wearies not with waiting, knowing that God prepares His rewards not for the results of toil but for the good will shown in it.


  2. Young man:

    1. Remember that you are a young man.
    2. Ditch the sign.
    3. Ditch the tee-shirt - tees are underwear.
    4. Take a bath.
    5. Put on clothes suitable for a grown man.
    6. Go look for a job.

  3. and put an end to taking those darn birth control pills. Talk about getting in touch with your femine side! Demand your girlfriend give you back your underarm testosterone tx. Remind her it is not a deodarant!

  4. I need St Pius X because...

    GMMF - would you mind posting the rest of the quote verbatim? I have no idea whether it is genuine, but judging from the content, I see no reason to suspect it. I assume he meant that kindness isn't appropriate in conflict, which is true - two catholic lawyers arguing opposing cases at the bench will not be kind to one another, while the case is going on. It's okay to fight, so long as it's appropriate given the situation and your state in life. It would be interesting to hear what St Pius X said about charity towards the modernists, but I assume he was referring to charity as commonly understood i.e more or less synonymous with kindness - using the word in inverted commas, as it were.

  5. Could you link to the brilliant interview with two young Irish brothers who found their way out of the pervasive lies of parish and schools regarding the Faith, and discovered the true Faith?Michael Voris interviewed them while in Ireland last week. It's on YouTube too. I think it'll give hope to people that one can find the truth and practice the Faith properly despite the general apostasy.

  6. If he becomes a feminist does he have to give up his metrosexual card?

  7. So we can all have a bit of a laugh about this guy, right? But here's the thing. Reading the article, you can see that what he's really concerned about is 'lad culture' on campus - that's a valid concern - and he's gone for feminism because that's what he knows. If he hasn't looked at campus sexual culture through the prism of John Paul II, that's because the Church in England is pretty mute about sexual issues in the public square - because lots of prominent people have too much to lose. This guy wants to be a real man. We've failed him.

  8. The "fists" quotation is cited in at least one "real", non-trad book, but I can't view footnote 21 online. Keep in mind that E Supremi was early on in his papacy. I think it took time for him to realize how bitter and deeply entrenched the Modernist opposition was. Bottom line is, there's no contradiction between the positions.

  9. And here's more of the same, in a book fourteen years older... by the same author. I love hunting down quotations. I hope we can nail this one down one way or the other. :)

  10. All right, having followed up on John Cornwell's citation of yon quotation in Hitler's Pope (p. 38, n. 11), I shalt get C. Falconi's 1967 The Popes in the Twentieth Century from the library, since that is Cornwell's citation of the quotation (p. 54). I'm hoping Falconi provides an original-language citation.

  11. Obsessive here, I know. I managed to get a view of M. Riccard's citation of the quotation in his 1998 Vicars of Christ (p. 320, n. 21), and it is likewise p. 54 of the Falconi book.

  12. I think his sign should read
    I need feminism because
    Girls who call themselves feminists are more likely to hook up, no attachments.

  13. Anne gets it. What is the unofficial slogan of Game? "Thank God For Feminism"

  14. @Anneg, more likely "I need feminism so those lesbians don't beat the crap out of me."

    Yeah, I know, I've been reported for insensitive patriarchal thoughts. Whatevahs.

  15. Speaking of the Game: http://xkcd.com/800/


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