Legislator goes Waaaaaah!

Wow, I thought Texans were supposed to be tough. You're not going to believe this one. I think this guy just euthanized his y chromosome.

A Texas state legislator, who might just be the one politician who cries more than John Boehner, is embarrassing himself by threatening cable companies with litigation if they run advertisements citing his voting record. His chief of staff even demanded that a website publishing his votes be shut down, citing a law designed to protect teenagers from cyber-bullying on social media websites.

That's right. He's using a law designed to protect children to punish political opponents. This guy's blood requires a mobility scooter to get around his body.

Breitbart reports:
Meanwhile, the chief of staff for Jim Keffer has sent a letter invoking the state’s “cyber-bullying” law in an attempt to shutdown RepJimKeffer.com.

“Your company is currently hosting the website, and it is in clear violation of Chapter 33.07, Texas Penal Code,” wrote Ky Ash in an e-mail sent at the end of January but only this week released from the web-hosting company.
This guy shouldn't be drummed out of politics, he should be laughed out.




  1. The guy holding the sign in the post below this one is taking notes.

  2. Our national experiment with electing the least qualified, virtuous, and mature leaders available continues to yield fruit.

  3. Texas Republicans are pretty much harmless and definitely not present at the polls. They don't vote; perhaps they're too busy nodding agreement with the boys on the radio and type-whining on the 'net about others.

  4. Only truth has freedom of speech and press. Truth may not be suppressed without violating another person's civil rights. If he did it, he ought to be man enough to admit it. Hiding among the children gives testimony of his lack of constitutional law, the Law of the Land.

  5. Looked up his voting record. He looks like one of the guys that votes pro-life, pro 2nd amendment, pro small government just enough to keep his job. He's ok, but there could be somebody better, as Pat describes.


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