Media Adoration of Possibility of Gay NFL Player

One thing bugged me about the media love affair with the idea of a gay NFL player. I was listening to Mike Francesca on 660 WFAN and he was supportive of the guy playing. Who's not? Does anyone in their right mind want to not allow this guy to play the game?

But there are issues, aren't there?

One thing Francesca said irked me. He said that the thought that the player would be ogling or sneaking a peak at his teammates in the shower was ridiculous.

Let me tell you something, if I was 20 years old and in a locker room/shower with dozens of female athletes there would have been mucho ogle-age, my friend. There would have been many a peak sneaked. To think that a 20 year old is going to control himself and maintain custody of the eyes is ludicrous.

Francesca said it "doesn't work like that." I don't even know what that means. Then how does it work, pray tell?

I understand many people are very desirous of having an "out" player in the NFL but let's not let ideology cloud common sense. There are some issues here that need to be dealt with. Ignoring them doesn't help.

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  1. Common sense????? Where do you buy that?

  2. The truth of the matter is rather simple to prove. Ask any number of random gay men if they were in an NFL locker room with undressed NFL players, would they sneak a peak. My bet would be that the vast majority if not all of them would. But we have to present gay men in the best light possible, that as men of superior moral character so that they will be accepted as shining beacons of our society. The cognitive dissonance in the whole situation is mind boggling. The whole celebration of sodomy is absurd.

  3. You sneak a peek. Peak is what's at the top of a mountain.

  4. Come on. This is why that thought is ridiculous: I am a male and I study in an office with mostly women. I don't ogle them. When we all went swimming at a lake to celebrate the end of the summer, I didn't ogle them. Why? Because they are my collogues and my friends, and I respect them.

    This guy has been playing football for years. I'm sure he knows how to share a locker room.

    Now addressing the issue of (somewhat bigoted) team mates who are paranoid about sharing a locker room with him...maybe that's what you were trying to get at?

    I'm not trying to present anyone or any group in the best light here, and I'm certainly not trying to celebrate any lifestyles. I'm just stepping back and using some common sense.

  5. Why are straight men allowed to sneak a peek at each other, but a gay man can't? Here's the truth: if you choose to disrobe in front of other people you have no reasonable expectation of privacy from the eyes of others. Period. When I go shirtless at the beach I forfeit certain rights. If your eye drops for a moment to my nipple or the amount of hair on my chest, and if that makes me uncomfortable, please explain how you have wronged me.

  6. And only the left of center media outlets show adoration. the right of center media outlets are universally ignoring this news story.

    I would think the conservative outlets would note that Michael had four brothers. One of them tried to join a gang and was killed as a result. Another mysteriously disappeared over a decade ago and is likely dead. The other two are in prison with no explanation. Nobody in the family had ever even attended college before Michael Sam. Sam's father took one of the brother's to Mexico to lose his virginity to a prostitute.

    Who is the most moral member of this family?

    There's a conservative story for you. Print it.


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