New York Gets Cold Feet on Common Core

New York Gets Cold Feet on Common Core. For this, I humbly take most of the credit.

Without a doubt, it was my peerless and hilarious heckling at the last Common Core meeting with the Commissioner of Education, the one that forced them to cancel remaining meetings, that obviously lead to this reconsideration of the most troublesome aspects of this program.  I even got a laugh from a guy I heckled.

I will keep an open eye on developments just in case my unique skills are again required.
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  1. Can you come to Kansas and do the same?!?

  2. I think my particular brand of heckling works best on the east cost. Not sure how it would play in Kansas.

  3. "The largest cultural menace in America is the conformity of the intellectual cliques which, in education as well as the arts, are out to impose upon the nation their modish fads and fallacies, and have nearly succeeded in doing so. In this cultural issue, we are, without reservations, on the side of excellence (rather than "newness") and of honest intellectual combat (rather than conformity)." - William F. Buckley, 1955

    "Common Core sucks!" - Patrick Archbold, 2014

  4. Sixty years and we're fighting the same battles against the same enemies. The arguments have just gotten more terse.

  5. That's all good so far, but are any of you going to vote in your next school board election?

  6. I realllllyyyy want to hear an account of your heckling. That's hilarious.

  7. Hahahahaaaah! ;
    My new super hero the "Hecler", antagonist to fascist educators that would subjugate young developing minds!

    1. If you come to Cali, please bring your hero sidekick, the powerful "Anti-Matt-Errr" with you. We are definitely going to need the muscle too!

  8. Actually, it's the "Hecklar"....;)

  9. Can someone direct me to a thorough analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the CC? My wife is an educator and although she submits to the requirement, when I ask her she just rolls her eyes. I think if they ended it here, she would fling the papers up and run out the doors cheering like it was the last day of school still, I cannot wrap my mind around the problem except from an educators standpoint it is vague, cumbersome and not connected will with an assessible outcome. Thanks.

  10. Summed up by one word for an empowering a scandalous, and found to be, untrustworthy federal government, "achtung"!

    We'll all be goose stepping in no time. Its not about standards in education, its all about the power and control! Whatever set of rubrics the gov elites dictate. Yet again another domino is tumbling.

    Zoweeee, ain't that obummercare just grand!
    You'll have to "pass" common core to know whats in it. Same ideologic rubric.


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