NY to Require Parenting Classes...Or Else

This is just bonkers. A New York state senator has proposed a bill mandating that parents attend parenting classes or else their children will not be allowed into 7th grade. Seriously.

Fox NY reports:
New York state Sen. Ruben Diaz Jr. introduced a bill that would require parents of elementary school children to attend a minimum of four parent support classes. If parents don't go, 6th graders won't move onto 7th grade.

Leslie Venokur, the co-founder of Big City Moms, called the idea "crazy" and "insane." She said that what is most concerning that the education commissioner and Board of Regents would develop the parenting guidelines. She said the Regents should "stick to what they're good at which is teaching kids and staying away from the parents."

The bill states one of the courses would be related to physical, emotional, and sexual abuse of children.

Employers would be required to provide one day a year of paid leave so working parents can attend classes.

Some parents and non-parents we spoke with think it is a good idea.
Words fail.

Just think about the gobbledygook ridiculousness that would be taught at these "mandatory" parenting classes. And is it possible to fail these classes? What then?

Dangerous days ahead dudes. Dangerous days.

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  1. And what are they going to do with all those free, marauding 12year olds? Nuts! And if you won't go, what will they do to you? Senator Diaz needs a reality class.

  2. this is yet another chance to promote a liberal agenda.

  3. State tyranny. Get your children out from under.

  4. Why are you so angry about this? Ruben Diaz is trying to do the OPPOSITE of what you seem to be accusing him of. He is trying to get the PARENTS to be more involved with their children, instead of the school being their parents.

    For the record, Ruben Diaz is by far the strongest pro-life, pro-family, pro-God and Church politician out there today. Please google him (go to his campaign site at rubendiaz.com).

    1. The state does not have the authority to teach parents how to be parents. It is not the state's role to teach anything. The state as a matter of natural law may have only very limited powers. The marital family has inalienable natural rights. The state may not interfere with the family.

  5. Which is great but if parents aren't taking the time to parent their kids, forcing them to go to mandatory meetings won't help anything. If they're not interested in fostering their children's growth the first 12 years, what will induce them to change for the next 6 years?

    Furthermore, if students must go to school until age 16, this is an idle threat as the school would be expelling the students based on their parents transgression.

    And yes, it is a problem that the government wants to interfere directly in child rearing. While a given parent might not be great at it, mandatory classes mean that parents will be held to a government standard for parenting which is intrusive to their homelife.

    Right up there with CA requiring a home visit before childbirth to be sure you have what you need to take care of a baby. Well-meaning but very intrusive.

    Mandatory child rearing classes are agenda driven.

  6. New Yorkers really aren't tough. They talk big but they really are the biggest sheep of all.

  7. Republicans talk tough too, but they don't vote. I asked for a Republican ballot (tho' I am an independent) during early voting this week, and I was all alone from the time I parked in the otherwise empty lot until I left. Many people nod in agreement to The Boys on the Radio and type-whine on the Orwellian telescreen, but they do not vote.

  8. Frankly I am in favor of parenting and fetal/child development classes, but teach it to high schoolers before they become parents. A mandatory home economics / life skills credit prepares a kid for his future just as much any math, science, language, etc. credit.

  9. Because tens of thousands of foster kids can tell everyone what a wonderful parent the gov't government is.


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