Orthodox Priest Attempts to Stop Violence in Kiev

Kiev seems in the midst of becoming hell on Earth. This Orthodox priest seems determined to attempt to stop it. It's a very powerful picture, I think.

It reminds us of how radical Christ's call actually is.



  1. This photo, while highly stirring and still timely, was first published weeks ago. I hate that it took until now - Kiev truly in flames and 20+ dead overnight - for it to "go viral". This isn't an indictment of you, Matt, for sure! I've just seen this photo on many outlets lately and I know it dates to at least January 23.

  2. But this Priest and two others were live last night on Kiev tv saying the Rosary.
    Lord love them.

  3. This is amazing and awe inspiring. I am sure the risk they are taking is yielding results even if they may not be immediately visible. God bless these men. I'm wondering if they are still there now at the front lines. I see in a previous comment that this occurred some time ago. I haven't found anything new though when I did a search on it. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Thankfully he knows who is the real enemy of the cross of Christ.


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