Pope: Bishops Should Stay Home

Amen and amen. The Pope is spot on here.

The Second Vatican Council states that to the Bishops "is fully entrusted the pastoral office, that is the habitual and daily care of their flock" (Lumen Gentium, 27). We must dwell more on these two descriptions of the care of the flock: habitual and daily . In our time assiduity and habituality are often associated with daily routine and boredom. So often we try to escape to a permanent "elsewhere". This is a temptation for Shepherds, for all pastors! The spiritual fathers must explain it well, so that we understand it and will not fall. Even in the Church, unfortunately, we are not exempt from this risk. Therefore, it is important to reiterate that the mission of the Bishop requires habituality and daily dedication. I think that in this time of meetings and conferences the decree of the Council of Trent on residency is so up-to-date: it is so up-to-date and it would be nice if the Congregation for Bishops wrote something about this. The flock need to find space in the heart of the Shepherd. If he is not firmly anchored within himself, in Christ and in his Church, he will be constantly buffeted by the waves in search of ephemeral compensation and will not offer any shelter to the flock.

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  1. He will be a CEO, not a shepherd. And we need shepherds.

  2. Does this mean not jetting to New York and D.C. to dance attendance upon the man who appears to wish to destroy the Faith?

  3. This isn't the first time he's pounded this drum. On more than one occasion he's told them to stay out of airports and to get back to their seats. Good for Papa Francis!

  4. Not even a courtesy email at the time of the pulling?


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