Shake Up the Church, Just Don't Step Out of Line

Historian Roberto de Mattei has been fired from his broadcast at Radio Maria for being critical of aspects of this pontificate.

This follows on the heels of Radio Maria firing two long time hosts, Mario Palmaro and Alessandro Gnocchi, for a similar infraction after a critical article at the height of the papal interview parade last fall.

So this is how it is to be now. The Pope commands us to shake up the Church. Shake it up, but don't step out of line.

Well, actually, you can step out of line as long as you step to the left. An entire Episcopal conference can be in open rebellion and that is tolerated because they are stepping away from long held Church teaching.  You can openly ridicule the head of the CDF and you will be tolerated. 

If you step the other direction, you will be squashed. Just ask Mario Palmaro, Alessandro Gnocchi, the Franciscans of the Immaculate, and now Roberto de Mattei.

Welcome to the open Church where nobody judges anymore.

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  1. There is plenty of judging going on. It seems that Pope Benedict could be and still is criticized and no one bats an eye hardly but this is a new era and it looks like strong Catholics are going to be in the hot seat and taken out where possible. Let a priest deny communion to a practicing lesbian and it is all over the internet news. Let a bishop's conference thumb their nose at Church teaching and....nothing. Let evil agendas run the show like in New York state for example and maybe a meow after the fact from the Church leaders. The saints are the ones most often persecuted.

  2. Palmero put it best in his 'cri de coeur' back in January of this year:

    "We are all completely de-legitimized, and any bishop, priest, theologian, director of a diocesan weekly or politician of the Catholic-democratic-type can shut us up with that “Who am I to judge”. We would be riddled with shots like a farm pheasant in a hunting chase....

    The problem is our Mother Church, who has decided to abandon us in the jungle of Vietnam: the helicopters have taken off and we have been left where we’ll let ourselves, one at a time, be spiked by the “Vietcong relativists.”

    Take heart, faithful Catholics, there is a bright side to all this: we are being presented with opportunities to show our love for Christ in extraordinary ways that merit a place in His kingdom. Lots of folks gathered for the loaves and fishes, and to lay palms in His path. Only a few stuck around when the nails where being pounded.

    1. Yes, it was the pained cry of all faithful Catholics who will not be bullied into saying what was evil yesterday is good today, and what was good yesterday is evil today. The disorientation is truly diabolical.

  3. Perhaps this is too insider baseball for me. Do we really parse everything done with respect to hirings and firings as indicative of the abandonment of doctrine and dogma?

  4. Sherry
    I am not sure I understand your question. I am talking about a systematic purging of those who critique papal programs. This is the culture now. The same culture that gives a pass to the German Episcopal conference while the FFI are crucified.

  5. Okay, so the problem is with Radio Maria and its particulars it would seem, who have a bias and a template they wish to create. Is that different from Guadalupe Radio or EWTN? I'm saying, perhaps this fault lies with whoever is the general manager or the head of this particular vehicle of programing, rather than a systemic mindset that permeates the whole of Catholic broadcasting.

  6. I guess I want more information to get a fuller picture.

  7. That's just how progressive/post-moderns work. It's all about dialogue when we have the upper hand. It's all about force when they have the power. Just look and the history of Whig/Labor v. Tory politics. The game's rigged because they made up the rules.

    We need good bishops to marshal their faithful. You can't expect the "Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff" to know the situation everywhere and to give all the orders. The Church is suffering from a terrible leadership vacuum. The Pope should not need to be the only voice of Authority in the Church. The Church is asking too much out of one man. We got very spoiled after JPII and BVI. We can't expect every Pope from now to Kingdom Come to be both as gentle as a dove and as wise as a serpent.

  8. "Ubi Petrus, ibi Ekklesia." I'm not moving.

  9. Dr de Mattei's response is beautiful - he is going to maintain his allegiance to the unchanging Deposit of Faith and the Papacy. He is a hero of the a Church, and for the Church. All truth-speakers are being disappeared. Don't give in to the intimation. One is supposed to have jettisoned one's reason and allegiance to the unchanging doctrine of the Faith because there is a new Pope. Thank you Señor de Mattei for standing firm in upholding the unchanging Faith.

  10. Why is it a problem? The Church doesn't own Radio Maria. It's akin to Fox firing a contributor for saying things they disapprove of.

  11. Buddy, you're getting a little ridiculous. That is a private radio operation, not an official Church establishment. They can fire whoever they want, and you can be upset about it, but they are not "The Church," old or new. I'm starting to get the feeling that you're the sort of guy who would sense a conspiracy theory if I saved your dog from a runaway car.

    1. RM is a very large part of Carholic Media.

  12. Scuzie there Andrew. The culture inside of the Church begins with priests, bishops and goes all the way to Rome. The laity follow the leadership and exercise it in the pews.

    One cannot point out wrongdoing or even crimes against children or you are slandered, bullied, blacklisted or even fired. It's always been this way.

    Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss.

  13. I am always going back to that comment by the late Jean Madiran (1920-2013) who said, most eloquently:

    "We are irrevocably bound to the apostolic succession and the primacy of the Roman See: but not to the caprices and defections of its incumbents, who are not dispensed from the application of the principle that it is better to obey God than men."

    The quote is found here, among other places:

  14. I wrote to thank Professor de Mattei for his faithfulness. Yes, the radio station is not the Vatican but indicative of the prevailing winds coming from there. The Professor also submitted about 8000 signitures in favor of Fr Manelli and his FFI. But perhaps he is not persona non grata and even thousands of signitures will be thrown in the trash? There is mercy for atheists and heretics but not so much for those embracing the whole of the Catholic faith, including her Traditions. It seems to me there should be a place for that. There is a place for a new liturgy for the neo-catechumenal way, why not a place for the TLM? And, no, it was not just "internal conflicts" orchestrated within the FFI....the Mass is at the heart of it all as is Our Lady. Notice that Marian shrines and Marian apostolates have been suppressed here too. What does that tell you?

  15. Dear Andrew, Nan, and Sherry - the peace of Christ be with you always.

    It is easy to identify evil in retrospect many years after the fact and say under one's breath "we should have never allowed that to happen." But how do you think evil proceeds in the world? Do you think it is one fell swoop? Almost never. How is that you woke up one day and found sodomy given the protection of the state and equated with marriage? That orphaned little boys can be legally handed over to perverts to be groomed and abused? That homosexual priests can log onto chat sites at this very moment and arrange gay sex hookups for themselves right under the very noses of the Vatican and nothing be said or done about it? That the most fundamental principles of Catholicism are not understood properly by a large majority of its members, and when they are understood they are rejected? How do you think we arrived here?

    By small, seemingly innocuous actions piled one top of the other. A thousand decisions a day on who will be corrected and who will be allowed to remain; who is hired and who is fired; what is said, and what is left unsaid. Thousands of Catholics in positions of authority, clerical and lay, that are in open rebellion to Church teaching are allowed to remain in their positions unchallenged. When they are challenged, it is the voice raised against evil that is silenced. This is a clever trick two-step trick by the enemy: in the hierarchy itself and in mainstream Church organs (lay organizations, radio shows, websites, bishop's committees, chanceries, etc.) orthodox voices are silenced, removed, or pushed to the margins. Then, when these orthodox voices re-emerge in venues where there can't be silenced, they are dismissed for "being out of the mainstream" or "extremist", or just plain loony. People will ridicule them for their wild "conspiracy theories", perhaps unaware of what has been going on.

    Keep this in mind: evil does not need to conspire with itself. One termite does not confer with another, it simply knows it's job is to chew wood and bring it back to the nest. The firing of Mattei may seem as trivial and unremarkable as bug with piece of something in its mouth crawling across the floor. It is only later, in retrospect, when the damage is done and the house has crumbled that we wonder how it happened right in front of us. Unless we wake up - or Christ Himself intervenes - a generation from now, Andrew, Nan, and Sherry, you will look back in stunned amazement on how it was that the Church could crumble as it has.

  16. Well Patrick now can you see why many conservative Catholics like myself are wary of Francis? Look what happened to Cardinal Burke for his comments on EWTN back in December. See how many magazine covers he is on this new Super Pope Everybody loves. There must be an agenda.

  17. Of course, as reported in Catholic World Report, the actual affair with the FFI is complex and, well, boring—a matter of bureaucratic oversight and accounting irregularities. That doesn't really make for much in the way of political theater, it provides little fodder for those who wish to make real events into morality plays in stark chiaroscuro.

    As for Mattei's firing—it in no way involves the Pope, but of course, really, the Pope oversees absolutely everything in the Catholic Church and done by all lay Catholics.. Jack Chick says so, and would he lie about the Catholic Church?

    Do try and start interacting with the world like grownups, hmm?

  18. The article by CWR on the suppression of the FFI has been shown by a great many to be false. Even Fr Volpi, the commissioner has admitted there was no financial wrongdoing, and in any case, that initial smear was made only after his appointment.

  19. Ahhh..whose ox is being gored now? How well do I remember all of the right wingers telling us to "become Episcopalian" if we didn't like the policies of Pope Benedict XVI. So gratifying to see the shoe on the other foot. Live by the sword, die by the sword...

    1. So "gratifying to see the shoe on the other foot" ? Is this uncharitable remark have anything to do with your screen name of cathdem? I live in progressive "Democrat" Madison WI where similar uncharitable remarks are the mainstream. I pray for all who care more abt the dem then the cath. Why? Because I am a Catholic, period. I do not subscribe to a party equally with my faith. I'm sorry that you do.
      But alas, the other shoe here in " ultra-progressive Democrat Madison an orthodox " is that the Church, in Her wisdom sent an orthodox Bishop, Robert Morlino who is truly a shepherd, teacher and protector of the Faith. Ironic, isn't it? Btw, he is hated here by Catholics who call themselves Democrats. And...he is a Jesuit. God love you. I will pray for you aand I hope you will pray for me as I,also have a problem with charity.

  20. No, Catholics have to live by the unchanging and unchangeable Deposit of Faith and natural law of Christ's Church in season and out. It doesn't change from Pope to Pope no matter what a Pope might seem to suggest outside of the Magisterium.

  21. It does not matter what church or doctrine you support.

    If you known abortion is wrong because of Luke 1:26-55, that it is 1st degree murder of a soul, and because God hated the children given to Baal (the SGC-1 use of this name is another topic).

    If you think homosexual conduct is wrong because God hates it from Genesis right up to Rev 21, then you will end up being shunned and called a hater.

    Satan has effectively infected all the churches, from the RCC to the ELCA from the top down. When God said this whole world (all nations) whores after Satan, he meant it. Religion is one horn of the four dynasties.

    We can stay in the churches and try to change it from the inside, but, remember God said to come out of the churches (of deception). I do not think God meant just one denomination.

    I do not known much about the RCC as far as doctrine, but, I do know a bit about the Lutheran Church (as a member) and Martin Luther would have a stroke if he were alive and saw how far it has fallen and it will only get worse.

    They have taken the "grace" freely given, he espoused, and has used to to pretend God will forgive all sins just because you ask, when you knowingly do it and approve of it in others.

    I tried getting the ELCA/local churches to explain how God does NOT hate homosexual conduct after reading Romans 1:26 and Jesus sure is not talking about canines when he says "dogs" will be outside of heaven in Rev 21. Jesus repeats that twice in a row chapter to chapter in Revelation. There must have been a good reason for that.

    If I was a RCC member what I would watch out for is the perversion of what the church once "held" most dear, the sacrament and communion. Expect the Pope or someone else to offer it freely to the CEO of Planned Parenthood or something else wicked in that along that vein.

    We already have openly PRACTISING homosexual males and females called "pastors" offering it in the ECLA, including to their "partners". No way God blesses that conduct, wine, or bread.

  22. Why the focus on gays? What about the heterosexual co-habitation?

  23. Prof Mattei avers:
    Catholic doctrine teaches us however, that the Pope is infallible only in determined conditions and he can make mistakes, in the sphere of ecclesiastic politics for example, in strategic choices, in pastoral action and even in ordinary magisterium. In these cases it is not a sin, but a duty of conscience for a Catholic to criticize, provided that it is done with the maximum respect and love due to the Supreme Pontiff. The saints did so, and they have to be our models.

  24. The good Prof seems to me to be begging the question as to whether or not he is correct re publicly criticising the Pope.

    Let us read Pope Benedict XV:AD BEATISSIMI APOSTOLORUM

    22. The success of every society of men, for whatever purpose it is formed, is bound up with the harmony of the members in the interests of the common cause. Hence We must devote Our earnest endeavours to appease dissension and strife, of whatever character, amongst Catholics, and to prevent new dissensions arising, so that there may be unity of ideas and of action amongst all. The enemies of God and of the Church are perfectly well aware that any internal quarrel amongst Catholics is a real victory for them. Hence it is their usual practice when they see Catholics strongly united, to endeavour by cleverly sowing the seeds of discord, to break up that union. And would that the result had not frequently justified their hopes, to the great detriment of the interests of religion! Hence, therefore, whenever legitimate authority has once given a clear command, let no one transgress that command, because it does not happen to commend itself to him; but let each one subject his own opinion to the authority of him who is his superior, and obey him as a matter of conscience. Again, let no private individual, whether in books or in the press, or in public speeches, take upon himself the position of an authoritative teacher in the Church. All know to whom the teaching authority of the Church has been given by God: he, then, possesses a perfect right to speak as he wishes and when he thinks it opportune. The duty of others is to hearken to him reverently when he speaks and to carry out what he says.

    23. As regards matters in which without harm to faith or discipline-in the absence of any authoritative intervention of the Apostolic See- there is room for divergent opinions, it is clearly the right of everyone to express and defend his own opinion. But in such discussions no expressions should be used which might constitute serious breaches of charity; let each one freely defend his own opinion, but let it be done with due moderation, so that no one should consider himself entitled to affix on those who merely do not agree with his ideas the stigma of disloyalty to faith or to discipline.

    24. It is, moreover, Our will that Catholics should abstain from certain appellations which have recently been brought into use to distinguish one group of Catholics from another. They are to be avoided not only as "profane novelties of words," out of harmony with both truth and justice, but also because they give rise to great trouble and confusion among Catholics. Such is the nature of Catholicism that it does not admit of more or less, but must be held as a whole or as a whole rejected: "This is the Catholic faith, which unless a man believe faithfully and firmly; he cannot be saved" (Athanas. Creed). There is no need of adding any qualifying terms to the profession of Catholicism: it is quite enough for each one to proclaim "Christian is my name and Catholic my surname," only let him endeavour to be in reality what he calls himself.

    Soi disant traditionalists are not doing themselves any favors by publicly critising the Pope.

    In Genesis, the progeny of Cham were condemned because he exposed Noe's nakedness whereas Sem wwas Blessed because he cloaked Noe's nakedness.

    Cui bono when a Christian Catholic uncovers his Father's (putative) nakedness rather than cloak it by casting the actions of his Father in a favorable light?

    We can choose to be Cham or we can choose to be Sem. There is no Tradition of a duty to criticise a Pope. However, there is the Tradiiton of Saint John Chrysostom teaching us that silence is golden


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