Shocking Poll

This is a shocking poll. Not because of what it showed, but why it was done.

This poll shows that fully 70% of Obama voters regret re-electing him including 55% of Democrats.

But that is not the most shocking part. The shocking part is why they conducted this poll.

To test the viability of a Mitt Romney comeback. Seriously.

Not only is the GOP bereft of good ideas, they tenaciously cling to their really bad ones.

*subhead*Are you kidding me?*subhead*


  1. I'd like to see the results of a poll where the respondents expressed regret for ever voting for any federal level politician.

    I do know that many voters truly think that their vote makes a difference but do those voters really think that the powers behind the politicians would allow to stand for election any man who could take power away from those who really run this crummy country?

    If such a man existed and is such a man decided to run for office, he'd be destroyed by the dirt-chasers or the rumor-mongerss or the hell-man-let's-just-male-up-stuff-about-this-guy operatives.

    The great success of those who wield power in these United States is their adroit skill at being able to convince voters that their vote matters.

  2. I don't dislike Mitt Romney as much as you do, but anyone who wants him to run again really needs to change their meds. They are delusional. There are a number of good, young, smart potential candidates with legislative or gubernatorial experience, none from Massachusetts. And I think the baby boomers' time is ended. We squandered what we were given.
    I also think this is a great country. I pray for it every day that we will learn our lesson and God will have mercy on. The world is spinning into a dark age and we need to be ready. Lord, Have Mercy!

  3. Mitt Romney is a good man who would have made a good president. He is no Winston Churchill, Ronald Reagan, or Margaret Thatcher, but he is a good man. More to our immediate purposes, he does not hate his nation and he is not malevolent.

    And Anneg, if you wish to feel guilty, include me out. I am not a baby boomer; I simply happened to have been born in 1948. I was raised in poverty, worked full-time to put myself through school, and did my bit in Viet-Nam. I have always worked, and helped put my child through college. Whatever my flaws, my guilt is mine, not yours. Don't stereotype others or project your issues on others.

  4. Mack et al

    My respect for Mitt as a man actually grew during the campaign. But he was exactly the wrong candidate to nominate when O-Care was the overriding issue for the base and the base didn't turn out. Same holds for 2016

  5. I think you've misrepresented the results of the poll. It says "71 percent of Obama voters now inclined to vote for somebody else “regret” their vote to reelect the president".

    It's referring to those who are already looking to vote for someone else.

  6. Regardless of the merits of Mitt Romney, the Republicans need to think more in terms of branding and less about an individual. Unfortunately, many people vote the same way they choose a smartphone, car, or clothing -- it's all about the marketing and branding. Obama won in part because so little was released about him that people just "filled in" the gaps with their own hopes, dreams, and assumptions. The Republicans need to take a page or two from that playbook. We live in a world where style beats substance. While I wish it wasn't so, it doesn't mean that two can't play that game.

  7. As long as Carl Rove, Jeb Bush, GOP-cocktail bluebloods, are in charge of the Republican Party any wins they garner will be in spite of them. In their arrogance they dismiss the value of the blogosphere and social media to promote conservative values.

    Besides, Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, Mike Huckabee, and other GOP retreads wouldn't ALLOW Romney to run again. After all, it's one of their turn. Send in the clowns.


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