So The Bishop Of Albany Finally Resigns

At last...

The resignation of Albany Bishop the Most. Rev. Howard Hubbard has at last been accepted.

Bishop Hubbard was the very model of a modern Bishop. Father Z. points to this summary of his 36 year tenure.

So much could be said about Bishop Hubbard. But upon hearing the news that at last he would be on his way, a song leapt to my heart.

It is the song sung by the crowd outside the house of Ebeneezer Scrooge upon hearing of his demise. It says it all, I think.

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  1. I went to the state university there, and witnessed the destruction of his diocese. Albany, which was the home of the Rosary, Crusade and the diocese of Father Patrick Peyton, was just named as the most irreligious city in America.

    Thank you very much, Bishop. Bye.

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  3. Every year we go on vacation to upstate NY - happens to be in the Diocese of Albany. A couple of years ago, we went to Sunday Mass where upon we said "Hello" to the parish administrator, who was there attending Mass (it was a combined parish of several churches) as we walked in. She answered, "May God bless you ...... where ever She is" (or something to that effect). THAT got the ol' sensors quivering. As a visitor, it makes you wonder how much of that pervades the Diocese. Fortunately, we subsequently found a more "traditional" parish where we attend Mass each year.

  4. Pat, methinks you're enjoying this way too much! (Nothing wrong with that though!)

  5. Thank God! I went to Mass near The College of St Rose in Albany and could not believe the outrageous liturgical abuses and unCatholic teaching. I was fit to be tied all the way home to MA.

  6. Having grown up on the east coast and also having family in the Albany area, I have witnessed first hand the destruction of the Catholic Faith over the decades, not only in the Albany area, but throughout the Syracuse and Rochester areas as well. It is outrageous that these situations have been allowed to take place. Although I do not agree with the Society of Pius X at all, I often wondered if their chapels spread throughout New York State will eventually be the only thing left standing. As the Ordinary of Albany retires, I think that it is important to remember this episode reported in the New York Times -

  7. One can be sure there is much satanism being practised in the Diocese. Blessed Michael, the archangel, defend us in the hour of battle ...

  8. Part of Bishop Hubbard's legacy -- the dismemberment of Shrine to the North American Martyrs at Auriesville and the selling of the Jesuit Retreat House on-site to a Buddhist group for use at a temple.

    1. What? No! I loved that shrine as a kid! I cant click the link...


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