Spanish Abortion Protesters Charge Into Church, Disrupt Mass

Chanting the Spanish equivalent of "Get your rosaries off my ovaries" which surprisingly does not sound like "get-o your rosaries-0 off my ovaries-o", protesters for the legalized killing of the unborn human beings charged into a Church and disrupted Mass.

When confronted, they turned tail. Mainly because the people confronting them weren't helpless little babies.

HT Catholic Culture



  1. Hey, "rosarios" does actually rhyme with "ovarios".

  2. The protesters' ideological ancestors destroyed the stable and prosperous Kingdom of Spain in the 1920s 1930s, established a bogus "republic," and, not happy with all that, murdered priests, religious, and ordinary Catholics by the thousands. Naturally Hollywood and other Leftists were pleased to romanticize mass murder by Communists as A Good Thing.


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