The Most Insane Commercial Ever

Now when I say insane, I don't mean crazy good. I just mean crazy.

This is a local SuperBowl ad from Savannah, Ga. in which a local personal injury lawyer gives us his origin story in the most bat poop way possible.

Think Michael Bay meets personal injury law meets insane asylum.



  1. I'm surprised this is from Savannah. More like New Orleans or Chicago, maybe Baltimore. Really weird.

  2. Great trailer. When's the movie come out?

  3. Weird...though I did find it interesting that the ad features the inside of what is obviously either an Eastern Catholic or Orthodox Christian Church. Unless it was a set built for the ad, I am surprised that either Church would allow such an ad to be filmed in their sanctuary.

  4. Interesting what comes up in the youtube boxes after this video. Thanks Youtube!


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