Utah's & Mormon's Immoral Adoption Law

Imagine my surprise that one of the most immoral and anti-family laws I have ever seen is on the books in the supposedly family-friendly state of Utah. And then to find out that the supposedly family-friendly Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is complicit in what amounts to kidnapping.

This is truly rephrensible and the LDS complicity is mind-boggling.

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  1. The comments at NCR are truly horrifying.

  2. I know for a fact that there are agencies which advise women to go to Utah to have their babies if they want to give them up for adoption and don't want the father to be able to make a counter claim.
    The people who made the comments have something of a point in that of course it would be better if people got married first and then had children, so these issues would not arise. It would save a lot of pain. But when that doesn't happen, the rights of both parents need to be considered.


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