Vid: 'Bama Removes Pro-Life Display to Preserve Student Happiness

The College Fix reports that a pro-life display was taken down from the Student Union by the administration. Why? Because the student union must be a happy place. Seriously. She said, "We have to keep it a happy place for everybody."

The young pro-lifers response is darn good.

But one thing to note here is that student happiness (read ignorance) trumps free speech on campus.



  1. I'm very happy that my daughter studied for a year at Baylor University (yes, lots of Baptists, but not the Westboro sort) and then followed up at Texas A & M, which, although a public school, is reputed to be more Catholic than Notre Dame.

    But then, a madrasa might be more Catholic than Notre Dame.

  2. This could be grounds for legal action.

    Dave P.

  3. I read that the rule she cited as the reason for taking down the poster does not actually say anything about graphic or offensive.


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