Video On How to Deal with Climate Deniers, Kill Them

Tolerance through disemboweling. Awwww.

I know the Second City folks who made this would say, it's just comedy. But it's not funny. It's a political point made by a frustrated mind.



  1. Wow, that was gross. Remember the good old days of Second City when Harold Ramis and John Candy were on? When it was actually funny?

  2. Remember this disgusting disaster from the 10:10 project called "No Pressure" where school children and others not keen on reducing their carbon emissions get blown apart. (WARNING: GRAPHIC!)

  3. Hey missy, yeah you, the one going postal on the mealy mouth. Too bad you didn't get that fired up on the recent abortion statistics in NY! More aborted "black" babies than live births! Unless of course, your perfectly fine with it. Which I don't know how anyone could! In any case, you ought to be 5150'd, taken away in hard restaints, and put in a 72 hold. Your skills in decision making should definitely be addressed, immediately!
    As with the rest of the morons on this clip!

    Sheesh, what idiots mistook this cr@p for comedy?

    They must be functioning under the "half a brain" syndrome. They just couldn't find the "better" half.
    Probably left them behind, (in bulk form) in the single use napkins they used the night before, when they had a big sneeze fest doing who knows what! Kaazooontight!


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