Ash Wednesday Anti-Catholic News Coverage

I used to shake my head and laugh at this stuff. I don't do that anymore.

Shame on KSDK (a Gannet company) for covering this story in such a way wish an over anti-Catholic slant, on Ash Wednesday of all days.

*subhead*False Church.*subhead*


  1. First of all they're not a "Catholic" Church at all.

    From their website:

    St. Catherine of Siena American National Catholic Church (ANCC) is an all embracing parish community of the American National Catholic Church.

    [...] St. Catherine’s is an independent Catholic community not affiliated with the Roman Catholic Church. Rooted in our Catholic tradition; we are discovering a new and progressive way of being Catholic.

    It behooves reporters to get their facts straight before blasting out a bunch of cr*p.

    We have some of these wackadoodles in the Spokane Valley. They call themselves an Ecumenical Catholic Church.

  2. Why is he still a Priest? Where is the Bishop? If this was an FFI or Thomas More College parish, would that get him shut down?

  3. One can only pray for this poor man and his dupes, including those sadly uneducated telescreen "personalities" (hardly reporters).

  4. Okay Archbishop Carlson the balls in your court I pray you'll do the right thing for the sake of this priest's soul

  5. Yes. This is my news station. WAS my news station. Well, they had the most readable school closings at any rate. Had to turn this story off it was just so awful. This is the station that sent a reporter into a school to report on intruder alerts....setting off an intruder alert. The school had to go into lock down because of their story.

  6. This is NOT a Catholic Church, it is a pretend catholic church. The American National Catholic Church.

    What is disgusting is that the station sen a reporter there for no reason than to bash the real Catholic Church.

  7. Not a Catholic. Not a church. (I have one of these play churches a mile south of me.)

  8. After the third word out of his mouth, I knew this guy was mentally ill.
    Pray for him and his soul. He is scandalizing the young, and we know what our Lord said what would be better for men like this.... (something about a millstone and the sea).
    Saint Thomas Aquinas - Ora pro nobis!

  9. "The American National Catholic Church."

    Good to know, will write the TV station to complain.

  10. Called and left a vm for reporter Farrah Fazal. Lets see if she does the right thing and accept my offer to get the correct info and correct her story. If this was a PiusX chapel Im sure the reporting would be different.

  11. Phone number for station is 314-444-5125 Ask politely for Farrah Fasheed's VM & they will happily connect. Then please leave your complaint. The segment is called, "Five on your Side" Sad, you think if they are trying to get info to people they would not take a side and report the information without making him into a saint Anti-Catholicism at it's worst. Sneaky...lying by omission,,, the evil one is shrewd, no?


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