Belgian King is Gonna' Be So Embarrassed to Learn Herod Already Tried This

Hey, everything's about being original and new nowadays. Well, the king of Belgium just signed a measure allowing the euthanization of children, according to

Say, didn't Herod already do that. Not in Belgium but still. How totes unoriginal. Sooooo yesterday.

I love why proponents say it's ok. They say that it's only if the child approves of it. Well, folks, let me be the first to tell you that you can get children to agree to pretty much anything. They're children.

Dear God, it's open season on children.

The 21st century is a weird time with the term "mercy" accompanying a body count.



  1. Well and truly said. We ask God for mercy for ourselves, the same mercy we, corporately, don't extend to children.

  2. Herod wasn't Catholic. He didn't euthanize; he butchered. This is worse as the king is Catholic, and it's being passed off as a "kindness."

  3. Pharaoh tried it too but it backfired.


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