Best New Anchor Earthquake Reaction

Now that it doesn't seem it was too bad we can now resume laughing. This news anchor's face is awesome when the quake starts. I'm sure I would've done the same thing (if you add having to change my pants) but hey, it's still funny.

*subhead*Point and laugh.*subhead*


  1. those earth worshipers are not praying hard enough

  2. We do have names for them.

    "When dirt gets in your eye", the "sky is falling on my head", "tip-toeing through the broken glass jungle", the "rock and roller", the "shake, rattle and roller", a "grab and holder", the "wibble down wobbleton lane", the " the fair weather "shake and bake", the "beach cleaner", "the land wave", the "tide's a higher", the "ditch and diver", the "assfault rumble", "the break up", the "day after trash can pick up", the "land mass crunch party" and the "I feel the earth move under my feet and the walls come tumblin' down"!

    Some of us keep large and small wind chimes in the house. Particularly in the bedrooms. The tinkling will wake you at night in an earthquake!


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