Court: Kansas Can Strip Planned Parenthood of Funding

Victory. This is good news folks.

A federal appeals court ruled today that Kansas can refuse to fund Planned Parenthood with federal money. Planned Parenthood will, of course, appeal because there's only one thing that they love more than dead babies and that's dead babies on the taxpayer dime.

In 2011, a district court judge blocked enforcement of the state law because...well because he has a black robe and he said there. He actually ruled that it was unconstitutional to punish Planned Parenthood. Only to the left is not receiving taxpayer money a punishment.

The appeals court panel, which ruled 2-1 in favor of the state today, told Planned Parenthood that not receiving federal funding is not a violation of their free speech rights. I know, right?



  1. This is no coincidence! Today the BVM has spoken! Giving thanks to the Kansas Court of Appeals.
    Nice to know there is some measure of "sanity" left in the judiciary.

    Thank You, Mary Grace Li'l Heart! Your prayers, and those of your little brothers and sister souls are being answered

  2. Imagine what she could do in a political arena where politicians go "hog wild"! I can see she is the right person for the job!

  3. Here's some more good news, in case you hadn't heard: six states (North and South Dakota, Wyoming, Mississippi, Arkansas, and Missouri) are now down to just one abortuary each, and any one of them could soon become the first abortuary-free state in the Union:

    Way down in the story is this priceless bit of info: "According to NARAL Pro-Choice America, the past two years have been a
    bonanza for pro-life laws. They report more pro-life laws have passed in
    the past two years than in the previous ten years combined. According
    to the report,
    "24 states enacted 53 anti-choice measures in 2013." By "anti-choice measures" NARAL means everything from parental consent/notification, waiting periods and informed consent to attempts to make abortuaries abide by the same regulations as other outpatient medical facilities.

    These state-level measures may seem small and insignificant when compared to sweeping federal measures like Roe and the HHS mandate, but apparently they are having enough of an effect to throw NARAL into a tizzy and to drive abortuaries out of business.

  4. Wow, you should be so proud and looking forward to the future, since it's clear that what happens in Kansas is soon followed by the rest of the country. Said no one ever.

  5. It's startling, but it do make a point.

  6. Hey, unlike Hobby Lobby, isn't pp a corporation "actually" receiving special exemption status?
    That it operates outside the scope and practice of mainsteam medical, financial and economic oversights?
    That its medical practitioners function and operate "below" presently established bioethical medical standards?
    I could go on and on, but I won't. Not all corporations are treated fairly nor equally in the nation. The "corporation" point has been made.

  7. Oh, by the way.
    The reason pp was originally "set up" the way it is, was to circumvent and by pass Catholic/Christian clinics and hospitals that fundamentally objected to its premise. So all the fraud, flaws and errors were embedded into it from its very conception and beginnings. Not being subject or monitored by any medial agency or standards.


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